Texas Auctioneers Favorite PA System

Walt Cade, popular Texan auctioneer seen on A&E’s hit show Storage Wars: Texas is a huge fan of the Anchor Audio MiniVox public address sound system. Hosting hundreds of auctions a year, Mr. Cade needs a dependable public address system he can consistently rely on.

The first attribute associated with auctioneers is their uncanny ability to speak rapidly and rhythmically. While speedy speech is a necessity when running an auction, voice intelligibility is just as vital. Auctions can be held in loud environments, and often draw in hundreds of people at a single time, leading auctioneers to need supplementary assistance with voice projection.

Taking place in the most diverse of spaces, it is important that all attendees can hear auctioneers properly and clearly so that they know what is up for bid, and at what price. A portable PA system allows the auctioneer to easily amplify his or her voice, to truly engage the audience. In the auctioneering profession, it is important to communicate effectively while managing noisy crowds. Using a PA system can help with additional voice amplification. This way, your favorite auctioneer can keep up with the madness of the audience, without straining his/her voice for extended amounts of time.

Anchor Audio’s MiniVox is battery powered, operates 10-12 hours on a single charge, and comes with an over-the-shoulder carrying case, which makes it entirely portable. Anchor Audio also offers hands-free headband microphones that can be secured around your head and focused entirely on your vocals. The MiniVox is lightweight, compact, and designed for both voice amplification and music, leading it to be completely versatile.

“I was about to do my first auction. I wanted something that looked good, was lightweight, and hands-free. I was lucky enough to find the MiniVox, and it’s been Anchor Audio ever since. I love the MiniVox, I wouldn’t use anything else. Anchor Audio products have exceeded my expectations in every way. I can grab my MiniVox and blow out the door to an auction in seconds. It has proven effective to control the auction crowd. If the audience gets a little noisy I can turn it up to drown them out, or I can cut it back down for a smaller crowd. The MiniVox creates a professional presence so that when I’m talking to my bidders I can easily command their attention. The MiniVox allows me to win the customer over immediately. I think every Auctioneer should use the MiniVox.” – Walt Cade

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Walt Cade, popular Texan auctioneer seen on A&E’s hit show Storage Wars: Texas is a huge fan of the Anchor…

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