Rental Companys Go-To Portable PA Setup

Planning an event can be a stressful task, but knowing you have a sound system you can rely on is key.

As an AV rental house that rents out portable audio equipment for parties and events of all sizes, Blue River Light and Sound was in need of quality gear that wouldn’t cause them too much hassle to upkeep or repair. Rental companies are constantly loaning systems out to customers, and therefore it is vital that they stock not only popular PA systems, but more importantly, systems that are easy to operate and maintain. Blue River wanted their inventory to include sound systems that are high quality, durable, and can easily withstand constant use by all types of people and at all types of events.

After another successful AV rental company recommended Anchor Audio, Blue River Light and Sound were instantly determined to demo the Anchor line firsthand. After contacting Anchor Audio and receiving a personal demo of the Liberty system, Blue River immediately started stocking the product. Blue River needed durable, reliable, and extremely easy to use portable sound systems, and was relieved to see that the Liberty Platinum fit the bill to a T. Simplicity is one of the most important features rental companies value when loaning out equipment because of their individual responsibility as a business to demonstrate the products to their customers. Standard procedure before any product leaves the rental house is a hands-on demo to show how to use the product, guaranteeing an easy and knowledgeable setup at their event. None of Anchor’s systems require any preparation or training to use, which allows the rental specialists at Blue River to provide the customer with crisp, professional, hassle-free sound.

“We think Anchor Audio’s portable audio systems are the only answer to a diverse-usage, traveling PA situation. The feature that got us interested in the first place is — no matter what type of media or input you need — Bluetooth, XLR, 1/4”, 1/8”, RCA, USB, CD, SD card, you name it — the Anchor Audio products accept it. Everything just WORKS. The systems are extremely easy to use, and our customers are always able to recreate the sound set up they need, without the need for technical assistance. As we began to use them, we noticed that the units are not only durable and impact-resistant, but the batteries last for WAY longer than we ever need them to. Most users won’t be as demanding as us, since we’re a rental company that sends our Anchor rigs out to all kinds of events. Anchor Audio is the first place to look for that combo of versatility, portability and durability.” – Dave Cole, President of Blue River Light and Sound Rental Company

For any client or any situation needing audio solutions, contact your Anchor Audio representative today, and we will personally help you to find the best portable sound system for your needs! 1-800-262-4671

Planning an event can be a stressful task, but knowing you have a sound system you can rely on is key.

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