Liberty School Event Amplification

Executive Summary

Reidy Creek Elementary School was in need of a single, multipurpose portable sound system that would serve the entire school population and could be used across a variety of school activities. The Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum was a great fit and had all the components that would meet a variety of needs for the entire school.

About Reidy Creek Elementary School

Reidy Creek Elementary School, located in Escondido, CA, opened in 2006 with the mission and belief that schools, in partnership with parents and the community, are responsible for preparing students for a successful transition into society by providing safe learning environment and access to child-centered activities that build basic skills, encourage higher level thinking, foster independence and promote positive character development. Knowing they would need a dependable PA system to help deliver on these promises, a grant proposal was drafted, submitted, and successfully secured the funds for an audio system that would have the capability to serve the entire school population with quality, intelligible sound.

How the Liberty Platinum Helped Reidy Creek School

Upon delivery of the Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum portable sound system, Kellie Stawicki, a teacher at Reidy Creek, noted that“it was very easy to sync to my devices and use immediately” with the built-in Bluetooth. With two wireless microphones and 6 - 8 hours of battery power, the sound system was a great fit for the school’s group morning workouts, physical education programs, grade level performances, family event nights, and more. With the ability to reach crowds of 1,500+ with a single system, the Liberty Platinum had “all the components that would meet a variety of needs for [the] school as a whole.”

Results & Review

Anchor Audio’s helpful and accomodating customer service, top notch warranty, and quick response time reaffirmed their purchase decision. It was an easy decision stated Stawicki. Since purchasing the Liberty, Reidy Creek School has been extremely satisfied with its purchase and would absolutely recommend the Anchor Audio Liberty for any school or school district.

A Single Portable Wireless Sound System to Serve the Entire School Population

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