The Right PA System for Track and Field

Ensuring a fair start and sound clarity at track & field and cross country meets
Executive Summary

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) was faced with the challenge to provide precise, clear, and loud voice amplification of instructions and starting commands for its track and cross country meets. The sound needed to reach the athletes, staff, and spectators alike. The Anchor Audio MegaVox Pro met all of these needs and more.

About Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA)

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) is a voluntary, unincorporated, and nonprofit organization. It currently sponsors State Tournaments for 24 sports - one being track and field as well as cross country. The WIAA includes a diversified membership of both middle schools and high schools.

How the MegaVox Pro Helped WIAA

With previous experience using portable sound systems, the WIAA knew what they wanted and needed out of a newer and upgraded portable PA system. After seeing an Anchor Audio MegaVox in use at another event, they started their research. The range and quality of amplification plus the wireless and wired microphone options were appealing. Because the WIAA sponsors events all over the state of Wisconsin, portability was crucial. They found the MegaVox to be highly portable as well as offer directional sound. The signal alert button was also perfect for getting the attention of athletes and could be used at the start of a race. To help reach crowds of 1,000 or more, WIAA also purchased the MegaVox companion speaker for double the sound coverage.

Results & Review

The WIAA is very satisfied and couldn’t be happier with the MegaVox portable PA system. In fact, they use the MegaVox at least 40 times a year...or more! The impressive performance of the MegaVox was noted by many other industry officials as well as athletic directors, so they began purchasing and using them, too. “The 6-year warranty, clear sound, ease of use and setup helped make our purchase decision even easier,” said John Miller, WIAA Official. The WIAA has owned the MegaVox for over 10 years and applauds its reliability and also loves that the batteries can be easily replaced.

“We have used the MegaVox for many years at the Wisconsin (WIAA) State Track and Cross-Country Meets. Officials using these units were enthusiastic with their performance and dependability. The clarity of sound offered thousands of athletes to have a ‘fair’ start. Spectators also benefited from the quality of [the sound].” - John Miller, WIAA Track/Cross-Country Official

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