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The Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), sponsored by Cervelo and Spy Optics, is a 146-mile quest through some of the most beautiful, yet difficult bike paths in northern San Diego county. The 2016 event welcomed approximately 1,100 riders at the starting line and mixed variations of cyclo-cross, mountain biking, and road racing. The race includes approximately 13,000 feet of vertical climbing, 40 miles of dirt trails, and an optional 70+ mile route that is deemed a bit less difficult but still challenging enough for intermediate riders. Of course, there was a much-needed beer garden, gourmet food truck lineup, and vendor village for all of those who finished the race. All of this was made possible by the combined efforts of volunteers, sponsors, and local San Diego communities.

The organizers of the event found themselves in need of a battery powered portable sound system that could serve a variety of needs. The layout of the event was very unique – requiring two stages on both sides of the experience. They needed adequate volume throughout the entire venue and the ability to amplify sound on both stages throughout the day. The Bigfoot Line Array portable sound system was used for music and voice amplification for the 1,100 person, 2-day cycling event that was held in an expansive outdoor area. “We explained our needs to our Account Executive at Anchor Audio, and they sourced us with the right Anchor product for us. They were spot on in terms of getting us exactly what we needed.” – Jim Miller

“The Anchor Audio equipment we used for the Belgian Waffle Ride exceeded our expectations and added an extremely professional touch that helped make it the most successful event in our history. Quality was super professional, everything was extremely simple to set up, and ran flawlessly both days. Only use Anchor Audio if you want the absolute best for your event.” – Jim Miller, Performance Sales Director

One of the best parts of the event: Proceeds from the 2016 BWR went to the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF), a world-class community leader that is focused on providing both support and opportunities to individuals with physical challenges. The foundation is built to help them pursue physical and active lifestyles through competitive physical fitness. Call your sales representative at Anchor Audio today! 1-800-262-4671

The Belgian Waf e Ride (BWR), sponsored by Cervelo and Spy Optics, is a 146-mile quest through some of…

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