AV Cart Classroom Amplification

Handwriting notes and reading bound books are becoming a thing of the past. Schools are slowly evolving to digital homework and interactive whiteboards. It is a known fact that education in the classroom is transitioning to technology driven activities and lessons, and better yet, the transition to digital education is becoming an affordable, accessible, and more effective strategy now more than ever before. One problem that technology can solve is simply ensuring all students can hear their teacher’s instruction. Audio amplification ensures all students the ability to effectively hear all instruction and digital media in the classroom, so implementing this solution should be affordable and easy for educators.

A large Florida school district that currently serves over 128,000 children residing in the urban and rural areas of Jacksonville contacted an Audio Visual industry integrator specializing in providing technology-empowered business solutions for world class educational institutions. The goal of the school district was to find a simple and versatile solution to their classroom sound amplification needs while staying within their budget.

When given the opportunity and the requirements of the district and their 197 schools, Education Technology Specialist, Summer Vyne, confidently suggested Anchor Audio. After learning Anchor Audio’s products are both made in the USA and backed by a strong 6-year warranty, the school district demoed the product and instantly knew it was exactly what they needed. At a price they could afford, they immediately followed through and placed the order for over 2,000 AN-30 powered speaker monitors to be installed in the hundreds of classrooms in the sixth largest school district in Florida.

After installing the speakers, the Florida school district quickly recognized that Anchor Audio’s AN-30 speaker monitors were the perfect solution to their problem. The ability to install the speakers onto AV carts instead of mounting and installing them onto the ceiling saved the school district greatly in construction and electrical costs, which kept the solution very affordable, convenient, and versatile, allowing the AV carts to be shared and moved from classroom to classroom.

“The speaker allows all students to hear instruction no matter where they are in the room. With education slowly moving to a digital curriculum, this allows teachers to engage with all kids in the classroom without having to worry about everyone hearing the details of a video or presentation. The school district I worked with was incredibly satisfied with the AN-30 classroom amplification system they received and would greatly recommend Anchor Audio’s products based on their quality, service, and support.” – Summer Vyne, Education Technology Specialist

Anchor Audio’s AN-30 speaker monitors are the ideal solution for classroom audio because of their small size and crystal clear voice clarity. The AN-30 packs a punch with 100 dB of clear sound, and easily fills a classroom with up to 100 students. Combine the AN-30 speaker monitors with a projector for a perfect audiovisual solution in any classroom or conference room.

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Handwriting notes and reading bound books are becoming a thing of the past. Schools are slowly evolving…

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