Practice Made Perfect


Practices, competitions, team meetings and away games all require the cheer squad at John Borroughs High School to have a portable sound system that is equally light and compact, as it is loud and durable. The Anchor Audio AN-Mini has been the perfect fit for this cheer squad’s busy schedule and sound needs.


John Burroughs High School is located in Burbank, California, with a cheerleading squad consisting of students ranging from freshman to seniors. The teams not only cheer and perform at school and athletic events, but attend local and community events, fundraise, and travel for competitions. Their mission is to develop student-athletes with character and effective leadership skills, to form athletes that understand the importance of integrity, teamwork and effort, and to cultivate athletes that have respect for themselves and others, so that they may be successful in life.


The cheer squad’s booster club generously purchased a larger rolling speaker for them to use, however, Cheer Coach Pam Collins found that their AN-Mini has the convenience they need for everyday use. She especially loves that “it is so easy to carry around and have access to instant music.” Even during noisy outdoor practice, the volume on the AN-Mini is loud enough for the squad to hear.

Coach Collins can confidently say that setting up is “SUPER easy. Just charge and go!” The entire cheer team finds the AN-Mini “totally awesome!” It quickly became an essential part of the cheer squad: instruction and coaching during practice, traveling to competitions for warm up time, entertainment on the bus rides to away games, and even karaoke at team parties. They simply carry it over their shoulder or pack it in a backpack. With so much time spent on the go, the rechargeable batteries on the AN-Mini have been an invaluable feature to the squad.


Coach Collins and the cheer squad at John Burroughs High School are “100% satisfied” with their AN-Mini and would gladly recommend Anchor Audio to anyone in need of a portable sound system that is both loud and durable but compact and lightweight. Collins has had a great customer service experience with quick communication and follow-through. In fact, she and the cheer squad love Anchor Audio so much, they simply say: “this is the BEST small portable sound system!”

“We LOVE the AN-Mini. It is soooo easy to carry around and have access to instant music. The volume can get loud enough to be heard even at a noisy outdoor cheerleading practice. The fact that it is rechargeable is invaluable”
–Coach Pam Collins

Practices, competitions, team meetings and away games all require the cheer squad at John Borroughs High…

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