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Entercom San Diego is a leading American media and entertainment company that has been in the industry for over 50 years providing music to the community and at all of their events including: concerts, station appearances and community events. In an industry where audio and music are the center of attention, only top-quality products are considered for the job. Entercom San Diego turned to the Anchor Audio Liberty portable sound system to meet their audio performance expectations.


Entercom San Diego is one of the country’s largest radio broadcasters and has earned three Marconi awards in the past 15 years. They have a national network of over 235 news, sports, and music radio stations. Entercom is a trusted and proven partner to its communities, businesses and brands. Featuring distinct formats with little duplication, they mirror all of San Diego’s eclectic communities and proudly serve San Diego’s sizable military audience. Home of Padres play-by-play, Entercom San Diego offers highly researched programming that features influential on-air personalities. With deep local roots to their surrounding community, they deliver results, creating customized campaigns and unique events with deep fan engagement.


Because Entercom San Diego hosts many events throughout San Diego, audio quality is very important as a leader in the media and entertainment business. A speaker that’s portable, wireless, and durable is also crucial. Entercom San Diego first began using Anchor Audio in 1998, and after 20 years of use with their first sound system, advancements in technology dictated the need to upgrade. When it was time to make a new purchase, Nicholas Finn, Promotions Manager at Entercom San Diego, knew exactly what he wanted, and Anchor Audio was the place to get it.

Having experienced the quality of Anchor Audio products for the past 20 years, the decision to purchase another Liberty sound system came easy. Simply put, the "quality is just better,” stated Finn, “they last as long as you take care of them.” In addition to the quality of sound the Liberty brings to their events, the wireless microphone and Bluetooth have been the most valuable features of the product. Finn states that “the wireless capability of this system is just amazing. Not having to worry about cords is definitely an advantage."


Nicholas Finn and Entercom San Diego are completely satisfied with their Liberty. Finn explains that their expectations were exceeded. "We wanted a system that would be durable, and yet still give us the quality we need. That is what we got - plus so much more." When it comes to recommending a sound system to others, Finn says “Anchor is the way to go,” adding in that "your return on investment will pay dividends when it comes to Anchor." For Entercom San Diego, the Anchor Audio Liberty Sound System is “an invaluable asset to [the] team,” providing quality sound for all of their events.

Entercom San Diego is a leading American media and entertainment company that has been in the industry…

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