Amplifying the Importance of Fire Safety


Every year, the volunteers of Schoharie Fire Department in New York host open houses and conduct fire prevention and home fire safety presentations that are open to the public. And every year, they find themselves struggling to speak loud enough to reach their audience. A simple sound system with a wireless microphone is just what this fire department needed, and the Go Getter Basic Package was the perfect solution.


Located just thirty miles from the state capital, the Schoharie Fire Department provides fire, rescue and fire police services for a twenty-seven square mile district in rural upstate New York. The volunteer staff of about thirty members is dedicated to the community of the Village of Schoharie. Not only do they protect their village from fire and emergency situations, but they also provide programs that emphasize public safety, disaster preparedness and relief, and especially fire prevention, protection and control.


In the past, the Schoharie Fire Department held their fire prevention and fire safety presentations for the community without the assistance of a sound system for voice amplification. “While we love what we do, it gets tiring at times having to talk at such a loud volume, and we feel that this detracts from our actual presentation,” said Asst. Chief John Borst. The search for a portable sound system began, and after shopping and reviewing options, the size and portability of the Anchor Audio Go Getter attracted Asst. Chief Borst.

When it was time to put the Go Getter to use, Borst reported “it took longer to open the shipping boxes than it did to set up the system.” Within 5 minutes, the system was up and running. After using the Go Getter for public speaking engagements at the fire station, Borst especially loved the quality of the product, noting that the microphones “are rugged enough for [their] firefighters to use!” Above all else, loud and clear communication during fire safety discussions is the top priority, and Borst emphasized that the “best thing about [the Go Getter] is the sound – it’s super crisp!


The Schoharie Fire Department is “loving the Go Getter!” The new sound system is exactly what they were looking for: a quality, portable sound system that allows a clear delivery of fire safety discussions in a large group setting. Asst. Chief Borst is very satisfied with the Go Getter and would even like to expand their sound system with a second unit! He is happy to recommend any Anchor Audio product to someone in need of a quality, rugged and portable sound system.

Every year, the volunteers of Schoharie Fire Department in New York host open houses and conduct fire…

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