Series 3

cutting-edge technology for better sound


The ultimate sound reproduction

AnchorDSP takes high-fidelity music and voice reproduction to new levels. Incredibly easy-to-use and power-efficient with white noise reduction, it's powered by a Class D backbone that delivers 123 dB of magic.



The World's first transceiver

AnchorFlex is the world's first battery-powered broadcast audio transceiver. It gives you the ability to connect Anchor systems cable-free, in stereo or mono, up to 300' away from each other. You can connect up to 1,000 systems.


AnchorLink 3

Professional grade microphones

AnchorLink 3 just improved your wireless mic experience. Covering a frequency response of 20KHz to 20 Hz, you can now link up to four Anchor Audio wireless microphones., each with a 300' range. Trust us when we tell you that you will not want to drop your mic using AnchorLink 3... but you could.



Extending playtime everywhere

AnchorPower for Series 3 uses higher capacity onboard power cells (now 10A each) and a new plugin PowerPAck to extend your battery playtime up to 50%. We've also added features to better manage power consumption, even at full volume. Ig you're looking to Pump It Up., AnchorPower is your superhero.