North Carolina Loves the Liberty AIR


Transylvania County, North Carolina was using a sound system that, after 20 years of use, badly needed to retire. After being introduced to Anchor Audio’s Liberty Platinum Dual AIR Wireless system at a nearby conference, they were hooked and hoped that this PA would solve the park's portable sound needs. After the Transylvania Parks and Recreation Department had the opportunity to demo the product first hand, they knew the Liberty AIR system had to be their next purchase. The sound system is battery-powered, easy to set up and operate, and is great for both voice and music – making it the perfect PA for the parks and recreation industry.


The Transylvania County Parks and Recreation Department currently maintains 8 public parks and facilities covering over 60 beautiful acres in the south-west corner or North Carolina. A huge portion of a Parks and Recreation Departments responsibilities is to formulate programs for children of the community, offer recreational sports teams, and various classes, as well as supervision and management of playgrounds, city parks, and community centers. None of these events would be possible without the assistance of a great sound system.


The members of the football team aren’t the only ones putting the Bigfoot sound system to use at Taylor High School. Coach Purser explains that "any time we have an event where the big stadium PA system isn’t needed, we utilize the Bigfoot because of its size and portability. For example, when we opened a new stadium this year, I used the Bigfoot to address around 500 people. It has a cordless microphone, so I could be wherever I needed to be and the unit itself could stay put. It had great volume and everyone could hear me even in that outside environment."

Pep rallies and a back-up sound system are among the other uses of the Bigfoot at Taylor High School. "Our gym PA system went down, so we used the Bigfoot to address around 800 students in a gym. You could hear it over the band and the amount of noise with 800 kids in there," said Purser.


Reaching crowds of 1,500+, the Liberty Platinum has been Anchor Audio’s flagship system since its release in 1986, and is still the product that defines the portable sound system industry today. The Liberty is a stand mounted portable sound system that offers two built-in wireless receivers, standard built-in Bluetooth, and an optional CD/MP3 combo player. Anchor Audio has offered unpowered companion speakers for many years, but now the Liberty Platinum AIR sets a new industry standard as the first battery powered wireless companion speaker in Anchor Audio’s line. The AIR companion speakers are battery-powered with a 150+ feet range. The main units can transmit to multiple AIR companions and, like all of Anchor Audio’s portable sound systems, are made in the USA and backed by a 6-year warranty. Designed with intelligibility, reliability, and simplicity in mind, the Liberty is ideal for parks and recreation. Transylvania County Parks and Recreation buyers felt confident in their purchase, knowing their tight budget dollars were being spend on a system which is both manufactured in the USA, and comes with a 6-year warranty.

"We were looking for something that sounded great and was wireless, and the Liberty Platinum fit exactly what we needed – perfectly. We use the system inside and outside for special events, warm-up music for our adult basketball league, and as a PA system to introduce the starting lineups. It is super easy to use and I love the Bluetooth option that allows me to connect my iPod without a cord and control songs from anywhere. We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend this product to any Park and Rec department, based on the quality and functionality. It was super easy to set up and I’m not a tech-savvy guy. I glanced at the manual to figure out how long the battery charge lasts and then immediately began playing it."
- Jared Mull, Recreation Manager at Transylvania County Parks

Transylvania County, North Carolina was using a sound system that, after 20 years of use, badly needed…

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