Acclaim Portable Lectern for House of Worship


Prayers, scripture readings, and speeches are essential to a service. The need for an audio system to be used both indoors at a sanctuary and outdoors without an AC outlet is important. Having an easy to use, portable lectern with quality wireless microphone capability makes it easy for the presider of the service to make announcements and guests to say a few words while remaining in their seats.


The Sanctuary measures 50 ft x 100 ft. The Acclaim will have up to two wireless microphones paired to the lectern to make speeches and announcements from guests and presiders during the service. The range of the wireless microphones reaches up to 300ft.



  • Acclaim units can have up to 2 wireless mics
  • Operate in the less crowded 1.9 GHz freq.
  • Maximum range of 300 ft.
  • Mute function allows for speaker to easily mute mic whenever not in use
  • Auto channel hoping - set it and forget it


  1. Anchorlink wireless range is longer than the competition because it is digital and on the less crowded 1.9 GHz frequency
  2. Anchorlink mute function allows for the speaker to easily turn off their microphones whenever not in use.
  3. The Acclaim can be used outdoors as well without needing an AC plug or a generator.
Outdoor worship events and youth activities presented an audio challenge for Saint Martin of Tours Catholic…

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