Fri Jun 30, 2017

Versatile Sound for House of Worship Services


Welcoming up to 800 regular members each Sunday service, My Father’s House Apostolic Christian Church (MFH) started to face some audio difficulties, when trying to project sound to such a large crowd. Before MFH came across Anchor Audio, they were using walkie-talkies to communicate between the stage personnel and lighting & audio departments. Members of the church who filled in the back of the stadium style seating were left straining to hear the voices of those on stage, and individuals with hearing impediments were left to struggle, no matter where they were sitting, because the church had no Assistive Listening devices available.


My Father’s House Apostolic Christian Church (MFH) is a modern house of worship located in Escondido, CA. MFH has been around for almost 30 years, and their mission is to create a new technology safe space for those who are motivated by the love of God to come together. They take pride in studying the word, practicing what they learn, and growing together as a family and community in the process.


After researching a variety of systems and competitor products that could alleviate their audio challenges, MFH chose Anchor Audio once they learned about the products ease-of-use and local California manufacturing. They purchased both Anchor Audio Assistive Listening devices and a PortaCom intercom system, and the resulting audio and sound within MFH’s worship services has improved greatly. The production coordinator can now regularly and effectively communicate with stage personnel to ensure a seamless live performance with no complications. Since implementing the Anchor Audio sound systems, the great number of elderly and hearing inflicted members are now greeted with the offering of an assistive listening device when walking through the front door.


MFH is extremely happy with their choice in Anchor Audio. Now nobody in the building is left without proper instruction or hearing. “From the moment you open the box you can tell that Anchor Audio’s products are built with high quality material. The rugged design is great, considering these systems are being used multiple times each week and need to withstand a lot of use. Both the Assistive Listening devices and our PortaCom intercom system came with a user-friendly manual that made setting them up as easy as 1, 2, 3. Since purchasing both systems we have never had an issue: no dropouts, no malfunctions, and no defects. As a technologically-savvy church, MFH highly recommends Anchor Audio to any House of Worship or event venues looking for intercom or assistive listening devices.” – Adrian Dominguez, Audio Engineer

“From the moment you open the box you can tell that Anchor Audio’s products are built with high quality material.” -Adrian Dominguez, Audio Engineer