Wed May 22, 2019

Portable Audio Fit for the Entire High School


Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Rusty Purser, at Taylor (Texas) High School received a recommendation from a fellow football coach to purchase an Anchor Audio Bigfoot portable sound system. After two and a half years and three football seasons of use, Coach Purser, his team, and the entire Taylor High School are loving the Bigfoot and its many features.


Located in Taylor, Texas, Taylor High School is focused on providing an outstanding experience with a rigorous education in a creative and caring learning environment.

After receiving their Bigfoot, it quickly became an everyday part of the Taylor High School football team’s practices. The team uses the Bluetooth feature for music in the weight room, while Coach Purser puts the wireless microphone to use on the field. "They can hear me from 150 yards away, and it doesn’t disturb practice too much,” he says. Traveling with the Bigfoot is made easy with the built-in durable wheels and fixed transporting handle. Purser states that “the Bigfoot often gets loaded in the team equipment trailer and taken to away games; its durable build is more than capable of handling a bumpy bus ride."


The members of the football team aren’t the only ones putting the Bigfoot sound system to use at Taylor High School. Coach Purser explains that "any time we have an event where the big stadium PA system isn’t needed, we utilize the Bigfoot because of its size and portability. For example, when we opened a new stadium this year, I used the Bigfoot to address around 500 people. It has a cordless microphone, so I could be wherever I needed to be and the unit itself could stay put. It had great volume and everyone could hear me even in that outside environment."

Pep rallies and a back-up sound system are among the other uses of the Bigfoot at Taylor High School. "Our gym PA system went down, so we used the Bigfoot to address around 800 students in a gym. You could hear it over the band and the amount of noise with 800 kids in there," said Purser.


After experiencing the Bigfoot’s performance for himself, Rusty Purser is happy to pass along the same sound system recommendation he received. "The Bigfoot has been great," says Purser. "The build of it is very secure, and its wheels and handles make it very portable. Anchor Audio has also been great to work with. The sales team is very knowledgeable and professional when I contact them to ask questions. For anyone looking for a portable audio system, I would definitely recommend this device."

“The Bigfoot has been great. For anyone lookiing for a portable audio system, I would definitely recommend this device.”
– Rusty Purser, Head Football Coach