sportscenter colorado coaches pushing Bigfoot speakers around


Colorado's Coaching Team Using Bigfoot Speakers at Practice

We're big football fans at Anchor Audio, so imagine our delight when we caught an Instagram post by @SportsCenter about one of the country's hottest college football teams...

The Colorado Buffaloes were caught on camera pushing two Anchor Audio Bigfoot speakers around on the practice field.

The Instagram post included a video clip of this and talked about how their portable speakers (Anchor Audio Bigfoot!) were used by the coaches so everyone could hear them, and to psych up the players with the team's fight song.

You can see the original Instagram post, with the video, here.

Though they didn't say it directly, it appears that when Coach Deion Sanders wants to be heard, he trusts Anchor Audio.

We think they have a smart coaching team and a bright future!  #GoBuffs

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