Thu Apr 16, 2020

Beach Emergency Preparedness

With beaches re-opening across the country communicating with beachgoers is important for lifeguards. With warm sunny days and summer quickly approaching there will be large crowds heading to the beach. The need to enforce social distancing guidelines and communicate information on rip currents, swells, and ocean wildlife, to surfers and beach combers alike is critical. Having an easy to use, portable sound solution for lifeguards plays an important role in delivering effective clear communication necessary for maintaining a safe beach environment.

The Megavox can be paired with AIR companion speakers. For example, the lifeguards have one Megavox at their station pointing towards the water, and two AIRs on the side pointing down either side of the beach, which is an efficient way to send a loud clear message to a lot of people. The sound is able to reach people not just on the beach but in the water and can be heard above the crashing waves.

SOLUTION - MEGA-DP2-AIR Package with one additional MEGA2-AIR & SS-550 speaker stand

  1. Anchorlink wireless has a longer range than the competition because it is digital and on the less crowded 1.9 GHz frequency
  2. Systems on stands will ensure the longest transmission range of the wireless mics
  3. Anchorlink mute function allows for the lifeguards to easily turn off their microphones whenever not in use
  4. Adding two MEGA2-AIRs allows for a better and more even coverage over the entire tent area