Local manufacturer Anchor Audio gets reacquainted with The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce
Thu Apr 15, 2021

CARLSBAD, CA – Anchor Audio, the leading manufacturer of portable public address systems has recently renewed its membership with the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Since 2010 Anchor Audio has resided in Carlsbad, California and has thrived in North San Diego County. Alex Jacobs, CEO of Anchor β€œis thrilled to be re-joining the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce community, and is excited about being involved with this group. The broad base of networking this group provides is tremendous help for businesses like Anchor, and gives us great opportunities to help out the local community.” Alex and the rest of the Anchor Audio team are looking forward to meeting everyone and are eager to partner with other local Carlsbad businesses associated with the chamber.

About the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce: The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1923. Today they have a roster of more than 1,100 member businesses. The Carlsbad Chamber is the second largest chamber in San Diego County, and focuses on promoting business in a way that balances prosperity with quality of life. For more information visit:

About Anchor Audio: Established in 1973, Anchor Audio offers a wide variety of audio solutions for education, government, and religious markets. Innovations include; all-in-one battery powered portable public address systems, and compliment wireless technologies. For more information visit: