Outdoor Obstacle Course Race

After making an investment agreement with business mogul Mark Cuban in 2014, Rugged Races LLC is currently one of the most successful business deals to ever be made on the TV show Shark Tank in terms of profit margin and growth since airing on television.

The Rugged Maniac, owned and operated by Rugged Races, is an obstacle course race which is sponsored by Men’s Health magazine and hosted year-round in multiple cities across the United States and Canada. Participants of the race spend 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) jumping over fire, crawling through mud, scaling tall curved walls, and running across water, all while continuously pushing, pulling, and assisting other people from their team.

Creators of the Rugged Maniac 5k found themselves in need of some serious sound amplification for large groups of people outdoors in random, remote locations. With up to 300 people running a race at one time, it can get very loud, and with traveling from city to city, Rugged Races was in need of a powerful, loud, and durable portable sound system that is quick and easy to both set-up and break down. Erik Gronneberg, Project Manager at Rugged Races LLC, received a budget to provide on course music for all runners of the Rugged Maniac races. After researching online and contacting different companies Erik quickly discovered that Anchor Audio could best support and serve all of his needs, all while staying in his budget. This lead Rugged Races straight to purchasing Anchor Audio’s Bigfoot portable sound systems.

“We needed a super durable, portable, crazy loud and easy to use speaker all in one package, something that was plug and play. The Bigfoot sound system was really the only product that I could find that checked all of the above categories. The system is great for outdoor events where you need to provide significant sound to a large and remote area. If you can operate a radio, you can operate the Bigfoot.” – Erik Gronneberg, Project Manager at Rugged Races LLC

The Anchor Audio Bigfoot Line Array is the loudest and most powerful portable sound system currently available on the market. Delivering an impressive 130 dB and 400W AC/DC, the rugged Bigfoot is ideal for large environments that require a portable turnkey system.

For any client or any situation needing audio solutions, contact Anchor Audio, and we will personally help you to find the best portable sound system for your needs.

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After making an investment agreement with business mogul Mark Cuban in 2014, Rugged Races LLC is currently…

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