Anchor Audio Bluetooth


Increase the functionality, flexibility, and utility of your Anchor Audio portable sound system or PA system with Bluetooth capability! The top-of-the-line Anchor Audio Bluetooth module allows you to connect your Bluetooth enabled device to your Anchor Audio system with incredible range and a strong connection. True to Anchor Audio character, operation is simple, and the applications are endless. Get the most out of your sound system with Bluetooth!


  • Bluetooth v3.0
  • Range 100 ft - Line of Sight
  • High Speed Wireless Data Rate up to 3 Mbps
  • Digital & Analog Stereo Input
  • Digital & Analog Stereo Output
Download Bluetooth Spec Sheet

Operation and Controls

  1. Volume Control/Power ON (dual function knob):
    This knob turns ON the Bluetooth module as well as controls the volume. Volume can also be adjusted on your Bluetooth enabled device.
  2. Pairing Button:
    Pushing the pairing button will make the Bluetooth module go into pairing mode for approximately 90 seconds (LED blinking). If no device is paired within that time, the Bluetooth module returns to sleep mode (LED off).
  3. LED:
    When the Bluetooth is powered on, it looks for the previously paired device, and if found & discoverable, it connects to this device (LED on). If the device is not found, it will return to sleep mode.
    • Sleep mode: LED off or Out of Range
    • Pairing mode: LED blinking
    • Device connected: LED on