Portable Sound Systems and Intercoms


Portable Sound Systems and Intercoms

    Anchor Audio, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of portable public address sound systems, wired and wireless intercoms, and lectern systems. Established in 1975, Anchor Audio made the first portable sound system in a small building in Torrance, California. The names included AN-100, AN-256, Liberty and Explorer. Thirty years later and in a much larger factory, production includes more than 20 models with many options. When the words portable sound system are spoken, almost everybody says, "you mean the Liberty sound system?"

    With advancing technology and the Anchor Audio design team, new products have been delivered through the years. The demand for RoHS compliance has led to the product redesign of lead free surface mount boards. Lean manufacturing techniques make it possible to keep a safety stock of finished goods to ship on a daily basis. Anchor Audio strives to maintain the tradition of delivering excellent products that are covered by a six year warranty.

    Anchor supplies products to sectors including education, commercial, hospitality, government, and military. Anchor manufactures its own products in its factory in Carlsbad, California and uses a "total quality" concept. As a result, the company can guarantee the quality of its products and deliver quickly.

    All of Anchor Audio's products are RoHS compliant. Anchor also recycles batteries and any electronics including circuit boards, cables, microphones, etc.

    Bigfoot Line Array

    Release Date: May 07, 2015

    The Bigfoot Line Array, the loudest and most powerful battery powered PA ever engineered

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    Anchor Audio to Convert Standard Wireless Frequency Range

    Release Date: September 16, 2014

    Anchor Audio, Inc., will be converting its standard wireless microphone equipment from the UHF 682-698…

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    Anchor Audio Bluetooth

    Release Date: July 17, 2014

    Anchor Audio to Convert Standard Wireless Frequency Range CARLSBAD, Calif. – Anchor Audio, Inc., will…

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    Anchor Audio Newsletter - November 2015

    Publish Date: Nov 19, 2015

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    We Are Your Supplier of Top Portable Sound Systems

    When it comes to portable sound systems, wireless PA systems, portable lecterns, wired and wireless intercom systems, and assistive listening devices, choosing the leading manufacturer of these specialty systems is your best option. Anchor Audio, Inc. first started production of the best portable PA system on the market in 1975. Since then, our product line has expanded to cover all of your portable sound needs. Today, we have dealers offering our portable sound systems all over the world including in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Our Products

    While best known for our public address systems and portable sound systems, we also provide a wide range of other products and accessories. We offer a full line of powered monitor speakers, wired and wireless intercoms, portable lecterns, and even assistive listening devices to make enjoying presentations, tours, music, speeches and participating in worship services and community events available to all. With quick set up, highly audible sound, and top dependability, Anchor Audio products are an ideal option for any group, event, or production.

    What We Stand For

    At Anchor Audio, Inc., we stand for top quality sound systems for a wide range of different uses and applications. With top customer service and a 6-year warranty on our portable sound systems, we know we can provide the right sound solution for you. To find a dealer near you or to learn more about our sound systems, browse the website or give us a call at 800.262.4671. Our team is ready to help you find just the system you need.