Meet the Sound and PA Systems

For college and university campuses that need big sound, and clear voice for events ranging from 500 to 5,000+, our largest sound and PA systems are sure to meet your sound amplification needs.

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Line Arrays

Portable Sound Systems

Designed to be self-contained and easy to setup, our powerful Bigfoot and Beacon line array sound systems can play music and amplify voice over large areas. Be it a large auditorium or outside on an athletic field.

Speaker on a Stand

Portable Sound Systems

For slightly smaller crowds like a lecture hall or an outdoor music event in the university quad, use the Liberty or Go getter sound system on a speaker stand for clear sound delivery.

Portable PA System

MegaVox 2

Use the MegaVox public address system when voice clarity is of utmost importance. Like outdoor emergency announcements, or graduation ceremonies where your voice needs to be heard all the way to the back row.

Portable Lectern

Acclaim 2

The Acclaim portable lectern can be used indoors or outdoors. Its ability to detach from the base, makes this lectern truly versatile. Use it inside a lecture hall on a table or desktop when space is limited, or use it outside on its base when you need to speak to a larger crowd.

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