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About AnchorLink

AnchorLink Features

1.9 GHz wireless frequency range

A less populated frequency reducing interference

Automatic frequency hopping

Ensure an effortlessly clear transmission without having to manually change the channel

300’+ line of sight wireless range

A significant increase from previous wireless performance

Volume and mute control on the microphone

No longer have to go back and forth to the unit to make adjustments

One-time pair function

Pair your mics once and never have to worry about it again

Two microphones per wireless receiver

Connect up to four wireless mics on larger systems and up to two mics on smaller systems



What is the wireless frequency and range of the AnchorLink?

AnchorLink operates on the 1.9 GHz wireless frequency range. To ensure a clear signal with zero interference, the receiver will automatically change frequencies to a clear channel without disruption. The AnchorLink microphones and belt packs have a wireless range of 300’ or more in ideal conditions for our large PA systems and 150’ or more for the speaker monitors.

How do I connect my AnchorLink mic to my sound system?

To pair your AnchorLink wireless microphone or belt pack, simply turn on your Anchor Audio sound system. Then turn on the sound system’s microphone receiver and hold the pairing button until the green light flashes. Next, turn on the wireless microphone (WH-LINK) or belt pack (WB-LINK) and hold the mute button until its red light turns off. Release the mute button then hold the mute button again until the microphone or belt pack’s green light flashes. The microphone is paired when the green light is solid.

VIDEO: How to Pair Your AnchorLink Microphone
VIDEO: How to Unpair Your AnchorLink Microphone

Do I need to pair my microphone with my Anchor system for each use?

You only need to pair your mic to the receiver the first time you receive your unit then that mic will always be paired to that unit. Basically, all you have to do moving forward is turn on your PA system along with the mic, and the two will automatically sync together.

Can I use multiple mics?

In an effort to simplify our systems and meet the needs of our customers, the new AnchorLink wireless microphone receivers can pair up to two microphones per receiver. Every unit that includes a wireless receiver noted by a U2 has the ability to pair up to two mics with the PA system, and every unit that is noted by a U4 has the ability to pair up to four mics.

Can I control the volume on the AnchorLink microphone and/or belt pack?

Yes! The new WH-LINK and WB-LINK feature both volume and mute buttons, so you can mute and even adjust the volume of the microphone or belt pack to fit your setting.

What kind of batteries does my microphone use? And how long does it last?

The WH-LINK and WB-LINK use two standard AA alkaline batteries. The batteries last 8 – 10 hours of continuous use. We suggest keeping some extra batteries with you for easy on-site battery replacement. Always better to be prepared!

Does my AnchorLink mic and/or belt pack have a warranty?

Anchor Audio guarantees its AnchorLink microphones and belt packs for up to two years.

Can I use other brand’s wireless mics with the AnchorLink?

In order to achieve zero interference, we designed the AnchorLink to perform outside of other wireless microphone, so our AnchorLink wireless platform is specifically designed to work with Anchor Audio products only.

Are the AnchorLink microphones compatible with older Anchor systems?

No. The new AnchorLink operates on a different wireless frequency range than older Anchor units. If you are unsure what wireless frequency your sound system uses, contact us today for assistance.

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