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Sound Systems on the Golf Course and at the Country Club

Sound Systems on the Golf Course and at the Country Club

Believe it or not, there is a time and a place both on the golf course and at the country club for both…

Golf courses and country/golf clubs tend to have a certain atmosphere: a relaxing place to escape, play golf, enjoy a quiet dining experience, and possibly even a pool or spa day. Typically, your mind doesn’t go to loud music or people speaking into a microphone when you’re on your way to the country club. Believe it or not, however, there is a time and a place both on the golf course and at the country club for both music and public address. 


A game of golf is all about escaping everyday life, enjoying friends’ or colleagues’ company, and a little bit of friendly competition…until a tournament. A golf tournament includes large crowds in a large area over long days. Here’s where a competent sound system is crucial.

Communicating with players, spectators, and employees is vital to maintain the organization of the event, make announcements as needed, and event crowd control. The most effective sound system will be:

  1. Portable:The portability of a sound system on a golf course is essential. Announcements may need to be made at any location on the course, and the sound system should be able to be easily transported and quickly set up as needed.
  2. Loud…yet Intelligible:Clearly, a golf course is an outdoor location. Large crowds, combined with ambient noise of the outdoor location require a sound system that is loud enough to cut through the noise and deliver crisp, clear sound that listeners can actually understand.
  3. Durable:A sound system with the durability to withstand repeated transportation and exposure to all types of weather conditions is extremely important when its primary use is on a golf course. 
  4. Battery Powered….preferably: Although not 100% required, an added convenience to an outdoor sound system for a golf course is that it is battery powered. Certain areas may have access to electrical power, and some may not. In addition, golf tends to be a quiet sport, so the sound of generators providing AC power for a sound system in a remote location can be very distracting to competitors. To avoid a potential problem or distraction, a battery powered sound system is recommended. 


On a daily basis, a day at the country club may include lunch, sitting by the pool, playing tennis, having a spa day, or exercising at the fitness center. They are known for being beautiful, exclusive, and private. For this reason, they are also high on the list for popular event space. Weddings, corporate banquets, bridal showers, and birthday parties are all popular events held at country clubs that require music and/or voice amplification. Given that a country club’s purpose is not solely event space, features to consider in a sound system will be:

  1. Easy to set up, break down, and keep in storage is the top priority 
  2. Easy to useby any employee or guest with minimal AV knowledge and experience
  3. Wireless– from wireless microphones to Bluetooth and even optional battery power, you don’t have to worry about the hazards of tripping over cables
  4. Intelligiblemusic and voice amplification with well-rounded robust audio amplification

Whether it’s announcing the winners of a weekend golf tournament or introducing newly-weds for the first time – or both - finding a sound system that can be used in as many applications as possible will always give you the assurance of a well-made purchase. Deciding the features that are your top priorities will guide you to the right sound system for you.

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