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High Tech Sound Systems for Any School Event

Jun 05, 2019

High Tech High North County is a public charter school located in San Diego. 500 students attend the high school and the campus is shared with High Tech Middle and High Tech Elementary, making it compact and cozy. All three schools often get together to work on projects and events to continue to bond with each other. When the whole community gets together for outdoor events or indoor exhibitions, it can be very noisy, making it difficult to hear important announcements or student performances.

I, as a student from High Tech, think that it's important to have good portable sound systems for both indoor and outdoor events. It is important that  speakers deliver clear sound and are easy to transport so that all announcements and performances may be heard. 

Here are 4 events at High Tech High that require a portable sound system:

1. Village Fest

Village Fest is a fun-filled event open to the community with food, music games and performances. All three High Tech schools, along with family, friends and members of the community gather at the High Tech campus to participate in this event. With so many people, having a sound system that amplifies both voice and music is important for everyone to fully engage in the activities. With the help of a sound system that provides loud, quality sound, our talented students may perform without having to worry about interruption.

2. Outdoor Exhibitions 

Occasionally, our exhibitions or plays are held outside. An outdoor exhibition occurs at the same time as indoor exhibitions. There can be multiple exhibitions outdoors and inside, making it diffuclt to hear the performer or presentor. Family and friends walk all over cmpus trying to see as many exhibitions as possible. Even though the campus is small the school is flooded with family, friends and members of the community. It can be difficult for both students and teachers to project their voice loud enough to get everyone’s attention without having a microphone and sound system.

3. Community Meetings 

Community meetings consist of 500 students gathering in a common area to hear important announcements. They can be hectic, tiresome, and above all, noisy. Teachers frantically try to capture everyone’s attention, but the students seated in the back have difficulty hearing. In this situation, a powerful sound system with clear voice amplification is needed in order to reach all students, including those seated furthest away.  

4. Parent Information Sessions

In addition to community meetings, we also have information sessions for parents. At these information sessions, multiple people speak simultalenously; the announcers and a translator. They currently use multiple microphones that sometimes interrupt each other and shut off. Having a sound system with the ability to connect multiple microphones at once, without interfering with each other, is important so that all parents may hear the important information during the session. 

The perfect school events that require high tech portable sound systems, are all of them! Whether the event is indoors or outside, speakers help amplify a voice or music. Having poor quality sound systems should be the last thing to worry about when planning an event. Those participating in the event may feel left out or miss key moments of the event. No one should be left out of a fun-filled experience because of a speaker that doesn’t preform well.  


Angeli Solis is a an eleventh grade student attending High Tech High North County. She interned with the marketing team at Anchor Audio. Her project was to write a blog from the perspective of a student and explain different events that require portable sound systems.