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Music and Sound Systems for Group Fitness

Apr 16, 2019

Group fitness is all about the energy, encouragement, friendly competition and variety. A huge part of the energy component is the music. You know…the “pump up” music. Generally speaking, indoor fitness facilities have installed sound systems that get the job done – from bringing the energy to the group fitness class to possibly even allowing the coach to wear a hands-free microphone for easy instruction. 

However, what happens to the music when you want to move the group class outside or when you are hosting a fit expo or event outside of your facility? The eager class attendees will still crave that same motivation from the coach and music, but the facility’s installed sound system isn’t moving anywhere fast.  

Imagine the perfect solution: a battery powered portable sound system. 

Not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you need a portable sound system for group fitness:

1. Make the members happy with variety

In other words, get outside once in while! Mixing up the scenery of a group fitness class is a great way to add variety and keep club members guessing. 

2. Take some pressure off the coach/instructor/trainer

Now you’ve got the members outside, save your coaches’ voices and give them a wireless microphone and some music. Instructing and motivating an entire class can be hard enough as it is!

3. Multiple uses

Sure, weather happens, so your portable sound system may not be getting the amount of outdoor use you’d originally thought. Aside from the obvious option of simply moving the class and sound system indoors, there are countless other uses for your portable sound system that will ensure you are getting the most use out of it.

Events:Whether it’s a company Christmas party, health expo, or an annual 5k race, voice amplification and/or music are always necessary. 

Back-up:One thing that you can always count on is an unexpected technology mishap. An easy way to be prepared for the inevitable is to have a back-up portable sound system that can be easily stored and set up for those musical emergencies whether indoors or outdoors.

Everyday use:A portable sound system doesn’t have to be solely for outdoor use. A wireless and portable system make it all the more convenient to use outdoors, however, it can work equally as great indoors, possibly even as your everyday, go-to sound system.

One thing for certain is that group fitness classes require upbeat music and motivational coaching. A battery powered, portable sound system makes the music mobile - allowing an exciting change of workout scenery for group class attendees and instructors alike! 

You know what they say…happy class, happy life!