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5 Reasons Your Cruise Ship Needs Another Anchor

A cruise ship is the perfect place to take a vacation. The great locations, food, atmosphere, service, and entertainment provide an ideal getaway for any traveler. While the anchors on a cruise ship may weigh more than 40,000 pounds, we found 5 reasons why your cruise ship needs another anchor…..Anchor Audio that is.

  1. Passenger Safety- Cruise ships should always conduct emergency preparedness drills, also known as muster drills.This drill is to ensure that the passengers know exactly where to go to reach lifeboats and safety during an emergency. The instructors on the boat need to make sure everyone can hear, which can be difficult with passengers being too far away, distracting each other with conversation and phone calls, or wondering why the bar is closed during the drill. To make sure everyone can hear each cruise safety instructor on every part of the boat, the Anchor Audio MegaVox Pro is the perfect fit. The battery powered system can easily be carried around the ship, weighing only 15 pounds and includes a convenient shoulder strap. With its 119 decibels of horn driven sound and built in signal alert button, it can be heard over any siren or crowd during times of emergency or safety drills. The MegaVox is also weather and UV resistant, making it perfectly suited for weather conditions on a cruise ship.
  2. Weddings- Weddings are very popular on cruises, and can be the perfect place to plan the big day in an awe inspiring location. Cruises can help gather all the family together in one place, and by booking through the cruise, they can help you out with all the details and activities. However, a wedding outdoors can be very hard to hear, and to ensure that all the guests can hear the vows and the minister, Anchor Audio can help. The Liberty Platinum speaker can reach crowds up to 1,500 with the Go Getter reaching up to 500 if needed. With the standard built in Bluetooth, it makes is easy to position the speakers on board wherever they are needed. 
  3. Bingo- One of the most sought after and classic activities on a cruise ship is definitely Bingo. Bingo can be fun for all ages, however the bingo demographic trends towards the older crowd. Elderly people may grow stronger each year in wisdom, however can often have increased challenges in the hearing department. In order to make sure everyone can hear the correct numbers while the bingo game is going, cruise ships should most certainly be equipped with Anchor Audio’s Assistive Listening Systems. The assistive listening system is designed to help hard of hearing individuals clearly understand any speech, music, or other sounds. The system has a simple interface, and cuts through background noise easily, while providing wireless beltpacks to seamlessly connect to the Liberty Air or MegaVox Air speaker systems.
  4. Sports and Tournaments- Cruise ships often provide different sport courts for its passengers to enjoy basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, or many other active options. Passengers love to get competitive and play in tournaments set up by the cruise ships as well. Both the competitors and spectators of the games should be able to hear instructions, announcers, and music to help enhance the cruise ship athletic experience. Anchor Audio offers the highest quality portable audio for both indoors and outdoors on the ship. The Bigfoot Line Array can reach up to crowds of 5,000 people with the Beacon Line Array reaching up to 2,500 people. Both have built in rechargeable batteries that operate 6-8 hours, and fold down with wheels to easily transport the Anchor systems anywhere on the ship.
  5. Guest Lectures- One of the many perks of going on a cruise is having the ability to see one of the guest lectures that the cruise provides. The guest lectures may vary every cruise, however the need to have an audio equipped lectern does not. The Acclaim lectern by Anchor Audio reaches crowds of 500+ people, offering 113 decibels of clear sounds built in to its sleek design. The system can be used indoors and outdoors, with up to two wireless mics allowing the audience to get involved as well. The lectern base is also a portable transport case, with wheels for easy movement around the ship.