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How To: Set Up Speakers on a Stage

Oct 24, 2017

For over 40 years, Anchor Audio’s portable sound and public address systems have been used for all types of stage events with one common goal in mind: to reach a large number of people with high quality, clear sound. While high quality speakers certainly have the potential to achieve this goal, users must understand the importance of proper speaker set-up in order to maximize both the audio output, and the experience of their listeners. For that reason, we’ve put together a simple guide of how to set up speakers on a stage.


Where to place your speakers for the best quality sound 

To best determine where to place your speaker(s) relative to the stage for the best quality sound, it is important to first choose the proper sound or PA system by taking into consideration the application and purpose, the venue and crowd size. Once the system has been determined, it’s time for set up.

If using a single speaker unit, it should be placed approximately 15 feet from the first row of the audience, on either side of the stage, and angled slightly inward (30-45 degrees) so the sound is projected directly toward the audience. If using a belt pack as your microphone choice, a single speaker should be placed on the same side the belt pack is being worn for the best signal with minimal interference.

It is best to set up the speaker in front or to the side of the person speaking with the microphone. Placing a speaker behind the location of the microphone can result in the undesirable effect of feedback. This effect can generally be recognized by a loud, uncomfortable screech as its result.

Correct Placement                                                        Incorrect Placement 

When using two speaker units, place them on both sides of the stage and face directly forward. For 3+ speakers, set up the main transmitter unit in the center of the companion or slave units. With two or more speaker units, it is recommended to face all systems the same direction so you do not experience feedback or distortion. If your speakers require wires, be sure they are strategically placed to avoid any trips!

In general, speakers may be placed directly on a stage, however, you want to consider the height of the stage, height of your speaker unit, and the audience’s seating level when setting up. With a high stage, it may be necessary to place your speaker on the side, or in front of the stage in order to optimize the sound.

Keep in mind, your venue and event is unique! Always allow time to set up, test and perfect before getting in front of your crowd.


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