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There’s No Competition for the Best Portable PA System - Anchor’s the Winner

Sep 19, 2017

“Sport is not only a form of entertainment, but also – and above all I would say – a tool to communicate values that promote the good that is in humans and help build a more peaceful and fraternal society.” – Pope Francis

Sports connect the public, unites nations, and brings people of all sorts together to compete and to determine who is the best. Whether playing a friendly game of basketball on the court at recess, or watching a competitive match between rivalry schools, sports bring people together.

Anchor Audio portable sound systems are the perfect solution to keep the event going in any environment. Athletes are full of high energy, discipline, and commitment, and they need a PA system that can keep up with all of these qualities. With durable, UV resistant enclosures, Anchor portable sound systems can stand both the dead of the winter, and the heat of the summer. Both athletes and spectators should always be able to hear instruction, keep track of the score, and listen to music to pump them up. Whether indoor, outdoor, small or large, every Anchor sound system is completely portable, which means they are battery powered and can be easily transported anywhere.

Below are the school athletic activities that are perfect for your Anchor Audio portable sound system:

Tackle Football Season

Get the team pumped up for the big game or spread the excitement of the game play announcements with a portable PA system. Don’t let a nonexistent or poor quality installed system hold you back. A single Bigfoot Line Array is designed to cover the whole football field from one end zone to the other. Join the NFL and Big Ten football teams that use it in the locker room and during practice and games. A portable PA system can be used for the team or for spectators for music and voice announcements.

Slide into Baseball Season

Whether it is a practice after school, a home game, or the school’s annual baseball tournament, your Anchor Audio Portable Sound System is sure to be a home run at your next baseball game. Our systems are perfect for providing fun summer tunes and announcements during the game. You can place your Beacon or Liberty portable sound system on the field for player communication or near the stands for cheering and encouragement. With an Anchor Audio sound system you will never strike out!

Kick your way into Soccer

If you need a PA system or sound system that can withstand the dirty cleats and bruises of soccer season, Anchor Audio is your answer. Round all of the teams up and choose a portable sound system that is ideal for wireless outdoor amplification. Anchor Audio’s sound systems are completely portable, requiring no wires or cords on the field, and are rugged and durable to withstand weather. Make sure your opening and closing ceremonies, group practices, activities, or games can be heard from across the field to a wide array of spectators using the Bigfoot or Beacon line array speakers.

Keep up with the Sounds of Track & Field

The track & field and cross country are popular athletic contests and competitions and is now even stretching into fitness competitions such as wrestling and crossfit. Quality sound equipment is especially important in any meet or race for announcing the start of the event to the music during the event, and the awards at the end of the event. The introduction of portable sound systems throughout event areas is essential in large outdoor events. Anchor recommends the Bigfoot or Beacon sound systems because of their built-in wheels for easy transport, or the MegaVox PA system for crystal clear voice amplificaiton. 

Gear Up for the New School Year

When summer approaches, school is out! Time to rest, rejuvenate, and gear up for the new school year. Summer is a great time to get prepared for the coming Fall when students return. Summer is the ideal time to reflect on the previous school year and assess what audio solutions you already have and what audio solutions need to be upgraded and/or purchased. Do you need new speaker monitors? How about a portable sound system for the gym, auditorium, or sports fields? When is the last time you upgraded your lectern? Although time should be set aside to enjoy summer time, it is also a great opportunity to start preparing for another successful year of education and athletics. 


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