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Why Every Branch of the Military Needs Anchor Audio on Their Side

Aug 24, 2017

Anchor Audio supports our United States troops, and we want to start by sincerely thanking all veterans and active duty members for serving our country.


Voice amplification is essential for every day exercises of the United States Military, and we want to make sure our military can rely on high quality speaker systems that provide the same dependability our troops exemplify. Made in the USA and protected with an industry leading 6-year warranty, Anchor Audio provides easy to use, portable, and cable free speaker systems that can be used in almost any environment or situation. Anchor Audio portable sound systems are perfectly suited for military and first responder needs, and we have 8 reasons why every branch of the military needs an Anchor Audio sound system on their side.


1. Ceremonies, Celebrations & Speaking Engagements 

There are a variety of ceremonies that different branches practice, such as promotion ceremonies, award ceremonies, and change of command ceremonies. Change of command ceremonies are historic and symbolic, representing the commanding officer passing down the unit’s flag and command to the new commanding officer. This ceremony is performed in front of the entire unit and normally draws a large crowd. Important speeches are made, and an announcer verbalizes to the crowd exactly what is going on during the ceremony. To truly make the ceremonies remarkable, Anchor Audio’s portable speakers such as the Acclaim lectern for the presenters and the Liberty Platinum systems for the announcer are the perfect fit. The Acclaim lectern reaches crowds of 500+ people by itself, and its sleek design allows the tabletop to store within the base of the rolling portable system for perfect storage. Anchor’s flagship product, the Liberty, is highly portable with simple set-up, providing 117 dB of wireless high-quality sound. The Liberty can be paired with wireless AIR companion speakers to reach 3,000 or more people. This portable sound system also offers up to two built-in wireless mic receivers, Bluetooth, and lasts 8 or more hours on a single charge. The Acclaim and Liberty can be used together for even larger crowd coverage. Recently, the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar purchased four Bigfoot Line Array speakers from Anchor for a variety of events and ceremonies.


Beacon Review from Kenneth Faulkner of the USS George Washington

"The Beacon provides superb sound quality, and the best part is the mobility. With our old PA it took 45 minutes to carry all the equipment, set it up and do a sound check. We now set up in less than two minutes. This system rocks!"
- Kenneth Faulkner, IC3 SW/AW, USS George Washington CVN-73


2. Training & Deployments

Training is a crucial component of getting recruits and active duty military mentally and physically equipped to serve. Each group of troops can be very large. Organizing, directing, and teaching the military tactics and skills can be simplified and truly enhanced by using a public address (PA) system. Anchor Audio portable PA systems can reach large crowds, whether it’s on land or ashore, with their high intelligibility and crystal clear voice amplification. Anchor Audio speakers are extremely durable and weather resistant making them the ideal speakers for the Navy or Coast Guard. In fact, the cover photo used above is an example of a military unit using the Anchor Audio Beacon Line Array to coordinate troops during live action training. The Bigfoot or Liberty Platinum speakers also work remarkably well for any outdoor training or instructional situation. If you need a sharp voice amplification system, the MegaVox Pro is a horn-driven speaker that is meant to be heard over long distances and open areas.

According to the US Army (2016), a military deployment means that your soldier will be transferred to another place in the world to fulfill their contract of service. With the training and readiness provided pre-deployment, active servicemembers, National Guard and Reserve members are moved to new specified destinations. For some deployments, a portable PA system is used for communication, announcements, and more. The ability to operate the sound system off of the battery for up to eight hours provides complete flexibility and adaptability to any location it may be used. Anchor Audio's Liberty portable sound system is a popular choice for this application due its powerful sound, portability, durability, and outstanding 6-year warranty. 


Liberty Review from US Navy Storekeeper

"I purchased a Liberty sound system from Anchor Audio after my Chain of Command saw the Liberty being used by another squadron in Qatar in the Persian Gulf.  It stood head and shoulders above the system we were using at the time. Jealousy, plain and simple, was the motive for the purchase. Simply put, we have to have the best. We use the Liberty in an airplane hangar for large crowds, and the people in the back of crowd can hear every word."  
– (Anonymous) SK2 (AW) United States Navy  



3. Firing Range

Guns are loud, and the caliber of guns fired on military ranges can silence even the loudest officer. To ensure quality instructions are heard at any firing range, the MegaVox Pro is your solution. The MegaVox is battery powered and portable - weighing in at only 15 pounds - while still offering the highest quality voice amplification. The MegaVox also has a signal alert button and can easily alert and grab the attention of troops over any noise such as gunfire, alarms, and even helicopters

MegaVox PA System at Firing Range


4. Military Museums

Military museums can be a fantastic place to learn about rich military history. Visitors can gain knowledge about different wars, see wartime relics and machinery, and gain insight into wartime lifestyles. Veterans can honor their past, and children can go to learn about their heritage and history. Museums offer a variety of activities, movies, and tours to inform visitors about their unique attractions.

Outdoor: To make military museum tours the absolute best, every outdoor tour guide should be equipped with an Anchor Audio MiniVox Lite or TourVox personal PA system. Tour guides should focus on sharing knowledge and offering a special experience to museum guests - not worrying about whether or not people in the back can hear. These highly portable sound systems offer the best quality for voice amplification, reaching over 100 people on a single 12+ hour charge. If you are stationary, such as the USS Midway presentation below, we recommend the Beacon, Liberty, or Go Getter depending on the crowd size, location's surrround noise, and multipurpose uses and applications you may need from one system. The Beacon is the loudest at 120 dB and serves crowds of 2,500+. The Liberty provides 117 dB of clear sound to serve crowds of 1,500+. The Go Getter is small but mighty at 109 dB serving crowds of 500+. 

Indoor: For indoor tours, Anchor Audio’s Assistive Listening devices are the solution. Assistive listening offers one way communication from the tour guide to the listener, which cuts through any background noise. All assistive listening packages include lightweight beltpacks for the listener to easily carry around with them to wherever the tour may go.

Beacon Line Array Sound System at USS Midway Presentation


5. Parades

Military parades are a patriotic and proud way to celebrate our troops and our great country. Fleet week which has parades of our ships at different cities across the country, Fourth of July celebrations, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and US Naval Weeks across the country are great times to enjoy one of these parades and build support for military in different cities. To reach the large crowds that will come out to enjoy these parades, Anchor Audio’s Bigfoot portable sound system is the perfect fit. The Bigfoot is the newest and loudest portable sound system on the market and reaches crowds of 5,000+. The Bigfoot can have up to four wireless receivers and is completely wireless. The innovative speaker system also features 130 dB of clear sound for voice and music amplification. The Bigfoot is easy to use and easy to set up due to its fold up design with onboard wheels for moving around quickly, which allows the Bigfoot to fit perfectly into any large outdoor parade. The Beacon Line Array is also a great fit, suiting crowds of 2,500 people, with a sleek folding design and onboard wheels for great portability. Many of the people who host parades are also volunteers, and by choosing Anchor Audio, their generous work is not complicated by speaker systems that are hard to set up and transport.    

Beacon PA System at the Veterans Day Parade 2017


6. Military Bands

Military Bands have been a long-standing tradition for The United States Armed Forces. There are different concerts that take place across the country for everyone to view, and there are also many different bands at military colleges. The best way for any band director or officer to reach the members of the band is certainly with Anchor Audio’s MegaVox Pro. This portable PA system has been the go-to speaker for bands across the world to rely on for voice amplification to increase efficiency and effectiveness at practice which results in a better performance. The MegaVox has the ability to amplify sound 300+ feet or reaching 1,000+ people, and the sound will be heard easily over instruments of all kinds. You can even connect your metronome to the MegaVox, so everyone can march to the same beat! Check out this video on the variety of ways you can connect your metronome: https://youtu.be/VzPNp8MdTzA

7. Athletics/Games

Armed Forces Sports are a great competitive outlet to have fun and represent your branch, departments, or squadron of the military. The different sports include softball, basketball, bowling, marathons, golf, and many more. To enhance the experience and liven the competitive juices, an Anchor Audio sound system can be great for announcements or to play music to pump up the spectators, competitors, and athletes. The Bigfootand Beacon line array systems can solve any sporting audio need with larger crowds and can truly boost the competitive experience.

8. Emergency Preparedness & Situation Monitoring

Whether it be a drill or a real-life fire, accident, or incident in the field, Anchor Audio portable sound systems can help with any emergency situation. Being battery powered and portable allows military to easily bring Anchor PA systems into any situation and still operate during a power outage. The MegaVox Pro can be used in hostage situations and also during any military relief response to a natural disaster. The long-lasting battery power and high quality portable sound with a signal alert button perfectly fits the need for any disaster relief response around the world. Many Navy ships have also installed the very popular Anchor Audio AN-1000X+ speaker systems around their ships and in the monitoring rooms. The small yet powerful speaker delivers 107 dB of crisp sound and voice projection and can be mounted in different rooms or around the ship for announcements, defense monitoring, or emergency direction.


Anchor Audio assures all branches of the military and first responders the most reliable and effective portable speaker systems on the market. Anchor’s three cornerstones of intelligible, reliable, and simple to use products make sure that you will get the highest quality audio that anyone can set up and use. Our made in America speaker systems can be heard over any siren, alarm, plane or gunfire, and its weatherproof design paired with an industry leading 6-year warranty make it a safe bet why every branch of the military needs Anchor Audio on their side.


WATCH: Retired Navy Officer, Mark Dietter, tells us why Anchor Audio is the Best PA system.




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