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Anchor AIR | Quick Facts & FAQ

Aug 09, 2017

If you are looking for a completely portable and wireless audio solution, we introduce to you the Anchor AIR.


Anchor AIR Quick Facts... 


  • An AIR transmitter unit is designated by an X in the SKU (i.e. LIB2-XU2)

  • An AIR receiver speaker is designated by an R or AIR in the SKU (i.e. LIB-AIR or BIG2-RU4)

  • You can wirelessly connect your Anchor AIR transmitter unit to an unlimited number of AIR receiver units - that means you can expand your system now or in the future

  • An AIR receiver unit can be placed 300+ feet from the transmitter unit and still receive a wireless signal

  • The Anchor AIR operates on the 902 - 928 MHz frequency with 100 user-selectable channels

  • The Anchor Audio Assistive Listening system easily connects to the Anchor AIR for an instantly ADA compliant sound system for your events or auditoriums

  • You can mix and match your Anchor AIR products among product lines for your perfect audio solution.

  • An AIR receiver unit is battery powered and lasts 6 - 8 hours on a single charge

  • A wireless AIR companion speaker means no messy cables between units

  • Anchor AIR is backed by a six-year warranty and made in the USA 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Anchor AIR?

Anchor AIR is the newest addition to the Anchor Audio portable sound system and portable public address (PA) system product line. These speakers offer a completely wireless portable PA system that is battery powered and operates six to eight hours on a full charge. 


What products have Anchor AIR?

The Anchor AIR is currently available in the Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox.


How do you know if you have an AIR compatible speaker?

An AIR transmitter unit is designated by an X in the SKU (i.e. LIB2-XU2). It has one antenna on the back panel and sends the audio signal to the companion speakers.

An AIR receiver speaker is designated by an R or AIR in the SKU. It has two antennas on the back panel and receives the audio signal from the main unit.

  • A receiver speaker designated with an AIR (i.e. LIB-AIR) is a companion speaker that must be used together with the main transmitting speaker. The AIR companion is available for the Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox.  
  • A wireless receiver speaker designated with an R (i.e. BIG2-RU4) is a main unit with a built-in receiver that can be used in conjunction with the X transmitter speaker or as a standalone unit. The R receiver speaker is available in the Bigfoot and Beacon line arrays.

If you still have questions, please call us today. We are happy to help.


How does the AIR wireless connection work?

The Anchor AIR transmitter and receivers operate on the 902 – 928 MHz frequency with 100 user-selectable channels. When set to the same channel, the receivers pick up the audio signal from the transmitter.


Can I connect with a cable instead of the wireless connection?

Yes! The Bigfoot and Beacon AIR units can be daisy chained to one another by using the line out to the line in jack. The units must have charged batteries. They will not work if batteries are dead.

The Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox have the capability to also operate in ‘Wired Mode,’ which allows the AIR wireless companion speaker to be used just like an unpowered wired companion speaker. Power and audio signal are sent from the main unit to the AIR companion speaker with a cable. Simply power off the companion speaker, flip the switch into ‘Wired Mode,’ plug in your speaker cable (SC-50NL for Liberty and Go Getter, SC-50 for MegaVox), and the main unit will power the companion.


Can I use multiple AIR receiver speakers in one set up?

Yes! Any 8000X series can wirelessly transmit to an unlimited number of AIR receiver speakers. All units should be set to the same frequency to receive the signal. When setting up your arrangement, be sure to place the main transmitting unit in the center and point the systems facing the same direction – pointing the systems directly at one another may cause distortion.


What is the range of the AIR wireless connection?

AIR units can be placed 300+ feet (or more in ideal conditions) from the transmitting main unit. You can place the systems further, however, be aware of physical latency and/or interference. If you are using multiple AIR systems, be sure to center the main unit between all AIR companions.


Can I connect different Anchor AIR products?

You can mix and match your Anchor AIR products for your perfect audio solution! Just make sure you have one transmitter speaker and as many receiving speakers as you need. And be sure to set them all to the same channel. 

For example, you can use a Bigfoot X transmitter speaker (i.e. BIG2-XU4) with a Go Getter AIR (GG2-AIR) and/or Beacon receiver speaker (i.e. BEA2-RU2).


Can I connect Assistive Listening devices?

Yes! Since the Anchor Audio Assistive Listening devices are also on the 902 – 928 MHz, they can work together to create a simple and reliable ADA compliant sound system.

All 8000X series units will transmit to the AIR companion speakers as well as the ALB-9000 Assistive Listening beltpack(s). Since all systems are shipped out by default on the 902.000 channel, simply power on your transmitter and receivers (beltpacks and AIR wireless companion), and you instantly have an ADA compliant sound system. Did you know that the ADA requirements mandate compliant assistive listening systems for any theater using audio amplification or with a capacity of at least 50 audience members? Try this set up for the easiest solution.



Cables can snare. Upgrade to the AIR! Learn more about the Anchor AIR here. Or email us today!