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Why National Parks & Recreation Month Is the Best Summer Month

Jul 17, 2017


July is National Park and Recreation Month!

The United States is home to more than 108,000 parks, ranging from small neighborhood parks to large regional tourist destinations. The summer months are filled with nice weather and are a great opportunity to get outdoors. There are golf courses, sport complexes, natural resource areas, and much more offered at parks all over the map. The National Recreation and Park Association wants to encourage everyone to “Get Your Play On” at your local parks, and Anchor Audio couldn’t agree more. We here at Anchor Audio love to get outdoors during the month of July. To prove why National Parks & Recreation Month is the best summer month, we’ve decided to list our 3 favorite local parks in San Diego and divulge our can’t miss thing to do this summer. 


 1.     Alga Norte Community Park - Carlsbad, California

Just down the road from Anchor Audio’s headquarters in Carlsbad, California is our favorite local park, Alga Norte Community Park. The park has a great dog park, public barbeques, massive aquatic center, sport courts, multiple turf baseball fields, and the largest skate park in San Diego County. Alga Norte offers skate camps every day of the week in July and the rest of the summer catering to all levels of skateboarding experience.  

Summer Camps

Summer camps are the perfect way to take advantage of National Parks and Rec Month. Kids can meet new friends, enjoy the great summer weather, and have fun while giving parents a break. Many different types of summer camps are offered at local parks around the country, some of which are science camps, swimming camps, golf camps, skate camps, kid’s camps, acting camps, sports camps, and band camps. These camps can have a lot of kids running around and can sometimes be hard to get everyone to listen or get started on different activities. One way any camp counselor or leader can gather up the youngsters easily and give them any directions is by using the Anchor Audio Megavox Pro. The Megavox Pro portable PA system is a perfect fit to engage large groups of kids. With its 119 db of horn driven sound and built-in signal alert button, it can be heard by any loud crowd. The Megavox is also weather and UV resistant, making it perfectly suited for the outdoor weather in a park.


 2.     Torrey Pines Golf Course - La Jolla, California

Often referred to as a golfer’s paradise, Torrey Pines North and South golf courses offer pristine views of La Jolla Beaches atop majestic cliffs. The south course has been ranked the 20th best public golf course in the United States by Golf.com in 2017 and is scheduled to be the host of the 2021 U.S. Open of Golf. The U.S. Open is part of the grand slam of golf attracting more than 35,000 guests each day of the tournament.

Golf/Sport Tournaments

Golf is meant to be a quiet sport, but in order to command the attention of guests at different holes or to announce each golfers name at the starting hole, Anchor Audio is most certainly an ace for portable speaker systems. The Bigfoot Line Array can reach crowds of more than 5,000 people, and the Beacon Line Array reaches more than 2,500 people. Both have built-in rechargeable batteries that operate 6-8 hours on a single charge. Plus set up and transport is easy with the ability to simply fold down the line array and easily transport your sound system across the long distances of the golf course with the built-in wheels. The Bigfoot and Beacon Line Array offer the highest quality voice amplification needed for announcing or for quieting the crowd, if needed. Even if it’s not the US Open of Golf, there are many local and smaller tournaments going on in the summer, and Anchor Audio can assure you the best quality portable sound systems to cater to any summer golfing tournament needs. There are also many other types of sport tournaments or youth football leagues that start in the summer, and the Bigfoot or Beacon portable sound systems can offer the same voice amplification and music playing ability that easily reach the entire football field or court.


 3.     Balboa Park - San Diego, California

Anchor Audio’s final favorite park near our hometown of Carlsbad, California, is the world renowned Balboa Park in San Diego. Balboa Park has great museums, such as the Air & Space Museum and the Museum of Man. There are also beautiful botanical gardens, a Japanese friendship garden, and the Old Globe Theatre which is home to many different plays and musicals. Different tours of Balboa Park are offered every day of National Park & Recreation month along with the rest of the summer.


Tours of beautiful parks across the country can be a great way to enjoy and learn more about the history of each park and what it has to offer. However, every tour that takes place always has its stragglers, and for larger groups, it can be very hard to hear in the back, almost ruining the tour for those people. To make sure the tour at every park is enjoyable for its visitors and so tour guides don’t lose their voice half way through, Anchor Audio’s Minivox or Rescueman/Tourvox speaker systems are at your service. These systems are lightweight and portable with a belt pack or shoulder strap for on-the-go touring. The Minivox and Rescueman/Tourvox have the ability to reach crowds of over 100 people, providing 100 db of clear voice amplification sound, and a rechargeable batteries lasting an unbelievable 10-12 hours on a single charge! For people who have trouble hearing on tours, the Anchor Audio Assistive Listening tour guide package provides one-way communication that cuts through background noise and allows even the hardest of hearing individuals to hear every word clearly.  


BONUS: Can’t Miss Summer Activity - Movies in the Park

One of the best experiences to be had at any park in the US this month, and Anchor Audio’s favorite, is most certainly summer movies in the park. Parks all over the country show family friendly movies at dusk allowing families and communities to get closer and enjoy some free entertainment set-up on a big screen. It’s the perfect place to bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic dinner, possibly starting a new family tradition. For our local Carlsbad residents, the City of Carlsbad puts on special events such as this, so be sure to check their Special Events Calendar. Or check out the Flicks by the Fountain in the Carlsbad Village.

The ideal park movie experience most definitely has to be paired with the ideal speaker. The perfect system for outdoor movies is Anchor Audio’s flagship Liberty Platinum speaker system. The Liberty Platinum sound system can reach crowds of 1,500 or more. It is designed to be simple to set up but still providing the highest quality for voice and sound amplification. If you need a smaller sound system, the Anchor Audio Go Getter fits the outdoor movie setting perfectly, too, just reaching smaller crowds of 500+ people.


Anchor Audio provides an intelligible, reliable, and simple to use speaker system for a variety of situations at your park this summer. Our industry leading 6-year warranty on our speakers makes sure that your park is prepared to make National Parks and Recreation month the best summer month for many years to come.