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The Key to NBC Studios Emergency Preparedness Plan

Jun 02, 2017

National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Universal is one of the world’s largest media and entertainment broadcast television network companies in the world. Succeeding in the development, production, and marketing of a variety of channels across news, information, and entertainment. NBC Universal Studios in Universal City, CA, reached out to Anchor Audio in an effort to find a portable sound system solution to carry out an emergency preparedness action plan they put in place in order to be equipped for the unexpected.

Anchor Audio Sales Executive, Richard Araujo, visited the NBC Universal Studios, clad with four Bigfoot AIR line arrays (one BIG-8000XU4 transmitter unit and three BIG-8000RU3 receiver units) to set up a live demo of the system. The series of Bigfoot systems provided sound coverage spanning over a mile long, transmitting sound without a single cable in between the units. NBC was relieved to find a sound system that fit their emergency preparedness plan so perfectly.

Araujo says, “The NBC emergency services managers were impressed with the Anchor Audio Bigfoot AIR system because so far their search had yielded systems that cost 10 times as much and took 10 times the amount of time to set up. The Bigfoot really solved their pain point. We were able to set up the sound within 10 minutes and complete the entire drill in less than an hour.”

Bigfoot at NBC Studios

Anchor Audio’s battery-powered portable sound systems are a perfect solution for emergency preparedness because they are completely wireless, self-contained systems. An emergency situation is something we never expect nor want to happen, nevertheless, it is imperative to be prepared for the worst. Having a battery-powered system that is easy to setup and use is vital. Using the Bigfoot sound systems, NBC was able to execute their practice evacuation flawlessly and successfully guide thousands of employees to their pre-planned safety location.

As technology becomes more cloud based, power reliant, and integrated, companies are putting themselves at risk relying on a sound system that is unable to function during a power outage. You do not want to get stuck without alternate options simply because your tools are not available. Untangle, unburden, uncompromise, and unstress by having a battery powered PA system that doesn’t need cables or a power outlet.