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Is a Portable PA System the New Sound of Classroom Instruction? Sounds like Yes.

A Portable PA System is the New Sound of Classroom Instruction 

The difficulties a teacher faces in the classroom are usually addressed by improving methods of instruction, attention to the individual needs of students, and classroom management. One of the most significant technical developments over the past 20 years to help with each of these has been the use of the portable PA system to maximize the listening and learning opportunities in the classroom. 

Dr. Michele Wilson, an audiologist with over 25 years of professional experience, states in a paper, Classroom Sound-Field Amplification: An Audiologist's Suggestions, that "[sound systems] improved academic achievement, especially for younger students; decreased distractibility and increased on-task behavior." In addition, she noted that the use of PA systems "increased attention to verbal instruction and activities, and improved understanding." She points out that with PA systems, there are fewer student requests for repetition as well as improved test-taking time, increased language growth and increased confidence.

According to research by Dr. Mark Ross and Dr. Harry Levitt in an article that first appeared in Volta Voice, titled Classroom Sound-Field Systems, notes there are over 50 studies testifying to the efficacy of public address systems in the classroom. According to Ross (2002), “children in the amplified classrooms attain higher speech perception and spelling scores, attend to the teacher for longer periods of time, and score higher on academic achievement tests than children in non-amplified classrooms.”   

The rationale behind a portable PA system for classrooms is simple, according to Ross & Levitt. “The purpose of the system is to ensure that the teacher’s voice is clearly audible above the background sounds at all instructional locations within the room. Research has shown that in the average classroom the teacher’s voice usually arrives at the children at a level only 6 dB or so above the background sounds. The extra 8 or 10dB of amplification provided by a classroom sound field system is sufficient to ensure a more suitable speech to noise ratio.” 

Public address systems, however, vary widely in their quality and adaptability. Earlier systems would occasionally hiss or operate with abrupt changes in volume—frustrating to teachers and a distraction to learning. Additionally, they were commonly cumbersome, and required complex set-up and sound checks by skilled technicians often operating a mixing board.  

To handle the demands of modern schools and classrooms, manufacturers such as Anchor Audio in San Diego, CA, produced a new generation of affordable portable public address systems designed to be flexible, long-lasting, powerful, and simple to use, while maintaining a consistently high level of clarity and sound quality. Not only are the systems made in the USA but there are no backorders, which means that you can get your PA system right away. Plus, the system is backed by a six-year warranty, so you can rely on its dependability and durability.

Teachers appreciate that a portable PA system can save them from straining their voices. Many have reported that at times over the course of their careers, vocal strain had caused them to miss work or impaired their effectiveness as a teacher.

Sandra Prewitt, a teacher in the Sanger Academy Charter School District in California, considers the Anchor Audio portable PA system indispensable. “I have damaged vocal chords that become very irritated when my allergies act up. This causes my voice to become very raspy. Usually by 8:00 p.m. I am at a complete whisper. I have enjoyed using this unit because I am able to speak in a soft voice, and the students can still hear me. When I go home, my voice does not feel tired, and I’m able to enjoy conversations at home.”   

Nancy Penny, a third-grade teacher also at Sanger Academy, uses an Anchor Audio AN-130+ PA system in her classroom. “The wireless headset allows me the freedom to move about the classroom and grab the attention of my students,” she says. “Using the portable public address system has saved my voice from the strain I put on it.” 

Anchor Audio portable pa and powered speaker monitors offers a variety of products to answer the need for a cost-effective and user-friendly means of enhancing listening and learning by providing crystal clear sound coverage that is perfect for the classroom environment. If you are looking for a classroom amplification solution, Anchor Audio offers the

If you are not sure what type of audio solution you need, our friendly and knowledgeable team is happy to help recommend the best solution for your application and environment.