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Customer Review: Lakeland Baptist Church Liberty Platinum Sound System

Liberty Platinum Lakeland Baptist Church Customer Review

“I have used my Anchor system for the past thirty-one years. I now have three Anchor Audio Liberty systems for us in my open-air ministry. I have had to replace the batteries three times over the past thirty years but this system has continued to provide tremendous flexibility in holding outdoor venues in state fairs, athletic events. Using two systems to couple together in larger events allows me the flexibility to speak to large audiences with a very good sound reproduction.

Often in public address systems there is a lot of static or interference when attempting to hold large outdoor events, but with the Liberty Systems working in tandem you can really provide a great sound quality as well as reach a large audience.

I have even used these systems to provide sound for two of my children's wedding reception dances. The cost of hiring a DJ for one reception more than pays for the Liberty system itself. If you had one or two events a year you could pay for the system with the money you could save by not having to rent or hire someone to run sound for your event.

I am a great fan of the Liberty system and even more so when we added the wireless microphone to the system.

I have looked at other sound systems for outdoor events and have not found anything that closely approached the Liberty system portability and functionality. Take it from one who holds several outdoor events each year, you can do no better than the Liberty Sound System. I do not see the purchase of a Liberty system as an expense, but rather a great investment. 

I am a firm believer in your product and have been for the past thirty-one years.”


Pastor Phil Nelson

Lakeland Baptist Church

Carbondale, IL