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The Who, What, When, and Where of Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening Devices

What are Assistive Listening Devices?

Hearing is not always all or nothing. People who struggle with hearing problems often have a variance of different frequencies in each ear. Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) are a special technology that is worn by the consumer and assists the hearing impaired members of society who struggle with separating sound, speech, and background noise by dividing speech from outside noise and bringing sound directly into the ear. The ALDs help individuals hear more clearly and audibly by minimizing background noise, reducing effects of distance between the sound source and the individual, and overriding echo.

In simple terms, assistive listening products help individuals with hearing difficulties. In more descriptive terms, assistive listening is a device that is worn by the hearing impaired individual and functions by capturing a specific source of desired sound and transmitting it to a receiver to directly in-turn send it right back to the user’s ear without including any distortion, interference, or background noise. Assistive listening devices improve the ‘speech to outside noise’ ratio allowing individuals to better decipher and understand what is being said.


Who uses Assistive Listening Devices? Where?

These devices can be used by individuals with all degrees of hearing loss from slight to intense. People commonly use ALDs in places of education, house of worship, entertainment, personal employment, as well as personal/home use.

Research indicates that people who have trouble hearing require a higher volume increase of about 15-25 dB in order to comprehend at the same level as people with normal hearing capabilities. (National Association of the Deaf, n.d.) Assistive listening devices allow the individual who has troubles hearing to gain exposure to the sound source slightly more without making it too loud for everyone else in the same area.

This is becoming such a concern that many countries across the world have been adding ALDs into their legislation. In fact, new standards for the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) took full effect in March of 2012 requiring all public assembly areas where audible communication is integral to the space to provide assistive listening devices that cover the entire space of the venue. Assistive listening devices are now required wherever sound is amplified with a microphone and/or speakers, as well as in all court rooms, even when speaking is not being amplified. (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, 2010) It is important that all people are given the same opportunity to equally hear speakers, announcement, and messages.


Anchor Audio’s Assistive Listening System

With that being said… If you are in need of an assistive listening device system with a simple interface and exceptionally high quality audio look no further than Anchor Audio’s Assistive Listening. The Anchor Audio Assistive Listening System is known for its ease of use and quality sound for all applications.


Anchor Audio’s multipurpose assistive listening systems are designed to help hard of hearing individuals clearly understand speech, music, and other sounds as to enjoy events to the fullest. Assistive listening devices provides a one-way communication that helps cut through the background noise to allow individuals to hear every word clearly and easily. For a complete wireless solution, you can add a wireless receiver and transmitter system, or just add it to your already installed system for advanced hearing assistance. The assistive listening devices can be paired both with a transmitter beltpack or used with a base station which connects with a transmitter that is connected to an installed or portable PA system. The wireless beltpacks seamlessly connect to the Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox AIR series wireless transmitters for an instant ADA compliant sound system.  The beltpacks are made to identify and pick up all sound coming from systems and project them to the hearing earpiece with no syncing required. It’s that simple. Use the Assistive Listening for tours, houses of worship, classrooms, lecture halls, theaters, cinema, entertainment performances, and more!


Anchor Audio Assistive Listening Features:

  • 100 channel UHF diversity
  • Expandable for unlimited number of users
  • Simple connectivity to Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox AIR series (8000X-series with built-in AIR wireless transmitter)
  • ADA compliant
  • Range up to 500' line of Sight
  • One-Way communication
  • Lightweight in-ear headphones with optional over the hear headphones
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Beltpack HWD: 4" x 2.5" x 1"