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Portable PA for House of Worship

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Portable PA for House of Worship

A sound system is a device that is used to amplify the sound of an audio source and distribute it to a larger crowd or group of people. By using both good speakers and an effective monitoring system, it should satisfy both the producer of the sound and the consumer of the sound. Churches, temples, mosques, monasteries, cathedrals, synagogues, and almost all places of worship benefit by having a sound system to effectively communicate their devotion to a participating audience. Places of worship need a sound system that dispenses a clear and distinct voice for spoken words, as well as something that can handle background music, and/or a limited amount of live music for before, during, and after a service being held.


Portable / Mobile Churches

Mobile house of worship facilities are increasing in popularity and seem to be the latest trend due to the large overhead that exists when owning or leasing a building. Mobile worship services are portable churches that have the ability to meet in all kinds of temporary locations – schools, community centers, theaters, halls, etc. Anchor Audio’s portable sound systems have even traveled to countries such as Africa and South America to support individuals traveling for missionary trips. This trend is also popular in retail and restaurant markets, with pop up designer shops and mini-restaurants. When considering an audio system for your portable worship services here are some things that you need to keep in mind - ease of use, flexibility, portability, and reliability are all imperative. An easy and hassle-free setup is a must.


Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Portable Sound System

When envisioning portable worship services, it is common that you only have a limited amount of time to both set up and tear down the utilities as well as a volunteer base that may not very knowledgeable in AV. Therefore, a PA that requires minimal and easy set up is necessary. Mobile churches, specifically, have certain aspects that must be taken into consideration in comparison to a stationary location. Some things that should be considered when shopping for a sound system for a house of worship location:


  • Easy Set Up: Often places of worship are ran by volunteers, and people who might have little to no training with audio technology. Anchor Audio’s sound systems make it possible for just about anyone and everyone to set up and work a system. People often complain of audio setups being complicated, but with Anchor Audio no sound engineer or instructions are needed. Our systems are built to be intelligible, reliable, and easy to use.


  • Clarity: Sound systems in house of worship settings are more than likely going to be used primarily for voice. Clarity in communication is important to ensure all dialogue be heard. A loud system is great, but loud is only great when the spoken word is pure and can be articulated clearly.


  • Microphones: Depending on the type of service, a variety of different microphones could be needed or used. With each sound system package, Anchor Audio allows you the choice of a headband mic, a lapel mic, gooseneck mic, collar mic, and/or a wireless handheld mic. This gives you the option of choosing what setup best fits your individual situation. We offer many different types of microphones for many different types of applications.    


  • All-In-One: When properly operated, a sound system should not be a device that should draw attention to itself. If a sound system is being noticed it is often because it is too loud, receiving feedback, creating distortion, etc.; all of which are negative effects. It is intended to capture the sound and present it throughout a certain group of people, without any imparities, loss of expression, or drawing any attention to itself. Anchor Audio has created all of their sound system to be all-in-one devices, with their amps, mixer, and transmitter included inside of the system. If you can press an “On” button, you can work any of Anchor Audio’s portable sound systems.


  • Quality: Anchor Audio stands behind their products 100% by offering an industry leading six-year warranty on all sound systems, PA systems, and speaker monitors. Anchor Audio continues to embrace customers with working units over 20 years old because our top of the line products are made to perform. This allows customers to stick within their budget and obtain valuable products that are going to last a long time without compromising quality.  


  • Portable: Embracing an all-in-one system wouldn’t be very helpful if it wasn’t completely portable. Don’t worry, Anchor Audio has got your back with this one! With complete wireless capabilities, built-in Bluetooth, and our newest addition, AIR companion speakers, Anchor Audio gives you the ability to have a full capacity battery powered portable sound system with absolutely no cords or cables. Charge your batteries overnight and take your system anywhere for up 6-8 hours of use on one single charge! This easily reduces the amount of equipment needed to lug around from place to place.


  • Flexible: The system needs to be able to handle speaking to a crowd, background music, a live band, etc. Specifically, for mobile houses of worship which may vary in size and location from week to week. Another thing that could vary from week to week is size. With our newest AIR companion speakers, you have the option of adding an unlimited amount of companion speakers to carry your sound a huge range. Anchor Audio’s system make it possible to go from location to location, whether indoor or outdoor, varying sizes of crowds.


Aside from house of worship, our systems carry all of the qualities that allow for a quick and simple set up with pronounced audio. Whether you are preparing for a worship service, a pageant, holiday celebrations, ceremonies, etc. No matter what situation you’re in, we’ve got you covered for intelligible, reliable, quality audio.