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Wireless Intercom Systems Enable Efficient Communication

Wireless Intercom Systems Headset

Intercom systems have been around for quite some time now, but the days of wires are gone. Wireless intercom systems have replaced wired intercoms and simplify communication in busy production environments. At Anchor Audio, we provide useful and effective wireless communication systems to our customers that can be used for a variety of applications.


Intercom Systems for Large and Small Areas Alike

At Anchor Audio, we manufacture high qualitywireless intercom systems great for use in various areas – including indoor and outdoor events alike. Whether the venue is within an indoor theater, at an outside sporting event, or in the confines of a local broadcast studio, Anchor Audio’s ProLink 500 wireless intercom system extends the range of crystal clear communication with ease.


ProLink 500 Wireless Intercom System Features

The ProLink 500 offers an array of impressive features including the ability for four users to communicate simultaneously with the option of an unlimited number of listen-only beltpacks. Moreover, it offers a line-of-sight communication distance of 500 feet. No base station is required with the setup. It operates within the 902 to 928 MHz range and can be expanded to two groups of four for a larger production setup.


Additional features provided by this powerful system include an out-of-range LED indicator, choice of headsets (single, lightweight or dual muff), push-to-talk or always on modes, rechargeable AA batteries that operate six to eight hours on a single charge, and more!


Efficient Communication

When you’re hosting an event in a busy venue, the ability to quickly communicate with other members of your team from far distances is crucial in making the event run smoothly. Thanks to wireless intercom systems, such as the ProLink 500, production and theater staff can communicate efficiently with each other instantaneously. Seamless communication is essential in order to ensure that any type of event goes well and runs at its full potential.


No matter the size of your production or broadcast studio, a wireless intercom system can effectively enhance your communication and coordination.