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Benefits of Classroom Amplification

Classroom Portable Sound Amplification

Benefits of Classroom Audio


Whether in a kindergarten classroom at a small elementary school or in a college auditorium at a massive state-of-the-art university, the ability to hear your instructor is crucial in student’s success. Studies have shown that no matter the age, students who sit near the back of the classroom can miss 30% of what the instructor says because they cannot correctly hear the lecture. Combine that statistic with the fact that hearing loss in young people between the ages of 6-19 is on the rise (according to American Speech-Language Hearing Association). It has recently been discovered that an estimated 12.5% of students having hearing loss due to extreme noise exposure. All of these indicators lead us to believe that students of all ages could benefit from hearing assistance in classrooms. The following examination is why all working classrooms should consider using an audio amplification system to enhance students learning.   


With hearing loss on the rise in young people, focusing in the classroom is becoming more of a struggle for students. The ability to focus is the key to educational success. When a teacher’s voice is amplified five to fifteen decibels above basic “ambient noise”, speech and articulation are significantly improved. With this amplification, instruction can better capture the student’s attention and enhance focus. Therefore, classroom audio can improve student’s attention and increase interaction and coordination as a whole.


Sound amplification systems such as Anchor Audio's AN-30 powered speaker monitor provide a solution to the sound challenge in educational spaces such as classrooms. Because Anchor Audio systems are optimized for voice amplification, instruction is crystal clear. Crystal clear voice amplification allows students to more easily comprehend what the teacher is saying, which directly results in a higher retention rate. Teachers who use classroom audio amplification report repeating themselves less and find their students are learning more.  


We as humans rely on hearing and sight more than all of our other senses. This is absolutely true in a classroom, and all educational facilities. Most students are linguistic learners, which is defined as those who learn the best from hearing or seeing words. Not only is hearing important, but students often rely on visual cues or materials to assist in learning. Versatile solutions are important, which is why Anchor Audio’s AN-30 make lessons more efficient because they allow for incorporation of multi-media sources such as movies, videos, music, audio books, and more.


Anchor Audio’s AN-30 powered speaker can be used for variety of different applications. Because of its light weight and small size, it is the ideal solution to be installed and mounted on a wall, ceiling, or on even an AV cart. Despite its small profile, the AN-30 easily fills a large conference room or classroom with ease, reaching crowds of 100+. All you have to do is combine our AN-30 system with a projector for the perfect modern audiovisual solution in any classroom.


Don’t allow distance, noise, and hearing loss of students to interfere with students learning. Purchase an AN-30 powered speaker monitor for your classroom today!