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Explorer Pro vs. Go Getter

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Side by Side: Explorer Pro vs. Go Getter


As an industry leader, Anchor Audio’s promise to its customers is to always stay current and relevant with new developments and enhancing products whenever possible. To keep this promise, Anchor Audio created a “new and improved” compact battery powered portable sound system by engineering an entirely new system from the ground up – including features that were not available on the Explorer Pro. What exactly has taken its place? You guessed it, the Go Getter portable sound system. Continue reading to learn why the Go Getter offers even more to love than its predecessor, the Explorer Pro.


Ideal for both voice amplification and background music in outdoor and indoor environments, the Go Getter portable sound system is designed to be a budget friendly solution without compromising sound or quality. Here at Anchor Audio we often refer to the Go Getter as the “little brother” to our Liberty Platinum series, our most popular portable sound system to date. Anchor Audio designed the Go Getter to be dependable, reliable, high-value, and affordable, all while maintaining quality sound and embracing more attractive features in comparison to the Explorer Pro.


One of the biggest improvements with the advancement from the Explorer Pro to the Go Getter is the added features of built-in Bluetooth and an optional CD/MP3 combo player. The built-in Bluetooth allows you to easily pair your sound system with any other Bluetooth capable device such as a smart phone, tablet, or MP3 device. This additional feature allows you to wirelessly transmit music or pre-recorded audio to your sound system. Bluetooth is a standard built-in feature that is available on all models with no additional cost. Additionally, you have the option to upgrade your system by adding a CD/MP3 combo player. Having a CD/MP3 player allows you the ability to listen to CDs and MP3 songs directly from your system, skipping, fast-forwarding, rewinding, and more.  Keep in mind, both Bluetooth and the optional CD/MP3 player are not available on the the Explorer Pro.


For added wireless capability, the Go Getter is newly represented in our Anchor AIR product line. The Anchor AIR is a battery powered wireless companion speaker that allows you to wirelessly connect to the main receiver unit, with a 300+ foot range. With complete wireless capability, you have the ability to take your Go Getter sound system anywhere and everywhere with double the coverage without the hassle of running any cables between units. Our Go Getter system runs on the 900 MHz frequency, which is the same frequency as our Assistive Listening Devices - making the Anchor AIR companion speakers instantly ADA compliant. Cables can snare. Upgrade to the AIR!


Another suitable advancement that was made from the progression of the Explorer Pro to the Go Getter is the handy new accessibility to the battery. One of the most convenient benefits of Anchor Audio products is the ability for the end user to change their own battery. We have created a full tutorial of videos HERE that show you step by step how to change the battery in each system. In order to change the battery on the Explorer Pro, it was required to remove not only the back panel but the entire front plate of the device as well. When creating the Go Getter our engineers created a small access point on the back panel that is easily removed in order to switch out the battery.


Last but certainly not least, when designing the Go Getter, Anchor Audio engineers took into consideration even the most analytical of details. Bearing in mind the outside aesthetic of the system, we created a modernized enclosure with a similar design element to the Liberty Platinum series. This ensures the Go Getter is strong, durable, and weather resistant, allowing for endless possibilities of use. As far as the ‘guts’ of the system, all of the electronics have been completely re-engineering using higher quality components, as well as a better electronical architecture which was selected for an enriched core.


As for similarities, the Explorer Pro and Go Getter are battery powered and incredibly lightweight. Both systems boast 109 dB of crystal clear sound combined with a 75W AC mode and 50W DC mode that is supported by one 6.5” woven fiber woofer and one high-output horn tweeter. The Explorer and Go Getter include two universal wired microphone inputs, one 3.5 mm AUX line input, and an external speaker outputs for powering an optional unpowered companion speaker. For added wireless capability, these portable sound systems include up to two built-in wireless receivers. As always, Anchor Audio proudly manufactures the Go Getter and Explorer Pro in the United States of America, and the portable sound systems are backed by an industry leading six-year warranty.


In summary, the added features of the Go Getter include:

  • Built-in Bluetooth at no extra cost
  • Optional CD/MP3 combo player
  • Lower budget friendly price point 
  • Convenient easy access point on the back panel for battery replacement
  • More modern enclosure
  • Redesigned with higher quality components and better architecture



How could you say “No” to that? Whether you need sound for indoor and outdoor events, parks and recreation, fitness facilities, schools, house of worship, auctions, or corporate events… Trust the Liberty’s little brother, the Go Getter, to fulfill all of your portable sound system needs! You won’t regret it.


**The Explorer Pro will be discontinued from the Anchor Audio product line January 2017.