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Outdoor Sound System: Features and Benefits

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An outdoor sound system that includes a microphone, amplifier, and loudspeaker is becoming a basic necessity at most special occasions or events where there is an audience that needs to clearly hear a speaker. During events such as conferences, weddings, meetings, and sporting events, where there is a large gathering of people, a portable sound system is the perfect tool to address the group. At Anchor Audio, we can help you to find the best outdoor portable sound system that meets your needs.


Features of Outdoor Systems

A portable sound system is one of the most reliable setups for the outdoors. It requires little to no set-up, is lightweight and is easy to carry out onto a football field, auditorium, park, or during any emergency or rescue situation, and best of all, it is battery powered – so you won’t need to worry about messy extension cords or power outlets.

An outdoor sound system should give you a great deal of control over the sound quality, while still being simple to use. A quality system delivers a powerful sound, while still offering clear and intelligible speech. Depending on the situation, the sound also needs to be loud enough so that it can be heard over emergency equipment, in an active environment, or at a great distance in order to catch people’s attention.

At Anchor Audio, we provide a wide range of portable outdoor systems suitable for just about any outdoor application where sound amplification is needed.


Benefits of Outdoor Systems

Portable public address (PA) systems used for outdoor environments, such as the ones we offer at Anchor Audio, enable you to amplify your voice across a wide area or over a long distance. They enable you to be easily heard over the crowd and successfully communicate to a large number of people. Some have a siren alert button for emergency situations or track events that will ensure to grab everyone’s attention.

Anchor Audio portable outdoor sound systems are also weather resistant and designed for more demanding applications. Since they are rugged and durable, they can operate in difficult weather conditions and are resilient to the extreme heat or cold.

Our products are lightweight and, depending on the model that best fits your application, relatively small in size without compromising the quality of sound, so when not in use, they can be easily stored.

Let Anchor Audio help you select the best outdoor sound system for your school, recreation event, wedding, or other outdoor function.