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Why Choose Anchor Audio?

Jul 25, 2016

Why Anchor Audio?

Anchor Audio, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of portable sound systems, portable public address systems, speaker monitors, wired and wireless intercom systems, and lectern systems. Based in Carlsbad, California, Anchor Audio prides itself on a combination of core competencies that together create the best quality products on the market. Anchor Audio’s systems are most often seen being used in sectors such as education, commercial, hospitality, government and military. With dealers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, our products are available world-wide. In addition to our top-quality customer service, the following core competencies are what sets Anchor Audio apart from our competitors:


Industry Leading Six Year Warranty

Anchor Audio constantly strives to maintain the tradition of delivering excellent products to our end-users. We are confident in the products we produce, which is why we offer an industry leading six-year warranty on our sound systems, PA systems and speaker monitors. If you have any concerns with your sound system within six years of your purchase date, you can rest assured knowing it is fully covered top to bottom. Some products carry different warranty periods due to the nature of the design, and/or expected use. Because accessories are externally used by the consumer, batteries and handheld accessories such as microphones, headsets, beltpacks, intercoms, and all cases and covers are covered for two years. We proudly stand behind our products and guarantee them to be free from all defects and workmanship for the proclaimed warranty period.


Same Day Shipping

If an order is placed Monday-Friday before 1:30pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) the product will be shipped out the exact same day. Most competitors in our industry require you to pay extra for expedited shipping options. Here at Anchor Audio we always offer same day shipping at no extra cost. This allows our customers to receive their awaiting product as fast as possible, never having to wait for the product to leave our doors. 


Made in the USA

Anchor Audio is proud to operate and manufacture our portable sound systems, PA systems, speaker monitors, lecterns, and intercoms in the United States of America (USA). By keeping our assembly in the USA we provide employment and tax base that supports our own community. Additionally, this allows us to have an in-depth and hands-on approach when it comes to engineering new products, as well as manufacturing. A few reasons why manufacturing/buying in the United States is better than outsourcing production: 

  1. Manufacturing in the United States creates more jobs for Americans. 
  2. When you buy products that are Made in the USA, you are supporting your domestic economy.
  3. American manufacturers must abide by strict regulations that directly protect the environment, which in keeping our planet healthy.
  4. When shipping materials overseas from other countries, there is an added toll on petroleum usage and an immense increase in the amount of unnecessary emissions we are putting into our sea and atmosphere.
  5. Most importing countries have little to no regulations considering work conditions for their workers. By buying American we are not supporting poor working conditions for the underprivileged. 
  6. Manufacturing in the USA allows us to have direct oversight on all products manufactured so that we can ensure top-quality products that ship same day.


In Business Since 1975

Established in 1975, Anchor Audio made its very first portable sound system in a small building in the South Bay region of Los Angeles county, the city of Torrance, California. The very first products Anchor Audio produced were the AN-100, AN-256, Ensign, PortaVox, and MiniVox, three of which are still being manufactured today. Over 40 years later, and in a much larger factory, Anchor Audio now produces more than 20 models of portable sound systems, all holding the capability of having different options for adaptations to best fit your needs. Having been in the business for so long allows us to know what our customers need and deliver new products quick turn.


Portable Sound Systems

Part of our promise to make intelligible, reliable, and easy to use products is derived by creating portable speaker systems which can be used anywhere, everywhere, and by anyone. Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox units include standard built-in Bluetooth, as well as optional built-in wireless receivers, and CD/MP3 players (CD/MP3 not available in MegaVox). And if you’re not convinced just yet, Anchor Audio has recently announced their Anchor AIR battery-powered companion speakers, which allow you to pair a completely wireless companion speaker to your Bigfoot, Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, or MegaVox portable sound systems with Anchor AIR compatibility, increasing the system’s capacity without having to physically connect the two or more units using cables. All of our systems are made with simplicity in mind, enabling quick set up for wherever you are. Saving the best for last… All of our portable sound systems contain built-in rechargeable batteries, which operate 6-8 hours or more on a single charge.


Lean Manufacturing 

Here at Anchor Audio we practice lean manufacturing techniques. Lean manufacturing is a specific method used in businesses to eliminate the overall waste within a manufacturing organization. Decreasing waste allows companies to focus more on what adds value, and less on everything else. As waste is eliminated from the manufacturing process, the quality of product improves, and production time and cost are reduced, both of which are factors leading to a better quality product and better overall value for the customer. To clarify in simple terms, running a lean operation allows Anchor Audio to continuously make improvements to its processes and procedures to remain the best.


With quick set up, highly audible sound, and top dependability, Anchor Audio products are an ideal option for any group, event, or production. Contact us if you have any questions! 1-800-262-4671