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Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

At Anchor Audio, we manufacture battery powered portable sound systems. What comes with battery power,…

Battery Maintenance

At Anchor Audio, we manufacture battery powered portable sound systems. What comes with battery power, however, is battery maintenance! RIVETING STUFF…we know! But we’d like to take a moment to give you all the information that you will need (and more) to take care of your battery so that it will last you years on end!

Let’s get on with the science…


What is a Battery?

A battery is a device that uses chemicals inside of a vessel to transform chemical energy into electricity. Rechargeable batteries make it possible to recharge and use the battery to create power without plugging the device directly into an outlet. At Anchor Audio, rechargeable batteries give us the ability to create completely portable systems that can be easily transported and used anywhere. Anchor Audio batteries are warranted to be free from defects for two years from the purchase date. Just like anything, when appropriately taken care of and maintained, batteries tend to have a longer life span.

In support of helping you get the most out of your battery, we’ve put together a few pointers:   


How to Take Care of Your Battery & Best Practices

  • If charged properly, you can expect your system to last 6-8 hours or more on a single charge. This can vary depending on how often your system is used.
  • Contrary to what you may have heard, we never recommended you let your system fully die before recharging the battery.
  • Keep your system charged whenever you can.
  • When using your system on battery power, we suggest fully charging the unit again before the next use.
  • If you store your system and/or don’t use your system often (you should! :P), we recommend you grab it out of the closet and give it a charge at least once a month to keep the battery alive and kicking. (For example, summer break)
  • Warning: Excessive heat may affect battery life. We suggest that neither you nor your portable sound systems be exposed to extreme heat for prolonged amounts of time.


Anchor Audio Batteries Trickle Charge - What is That?

All of Anchor Audio’s portable sound systems and portable PA systems are equipped with an Integrated Circuit (IC) chip that maintains proper charging levels at all times. When fully charged, the IC chip will decrease its power to a slow trickling effect, which results in keeping the battery fully charged without overcharging. A trickle charge allows the unit to be charged at a lower rate and can extend the battery life overall.


Need a New Battery?

Despite even the best battery maintenance regimen, batteries do not last forever. If it is time to replace the battery in one of your units, we are here to assist you. Anchor Audio has provided you with two options to best fit your needs.

  1. All battery models are available for purchase on our parts store, which can be found here
  2. We have also provided personal How-To videos that show a step-by-step demonstration of how to replace the battery in each individual model to allow you the ability to replace the battery yourself. Watch them here.

Of course, if you aren’t comfortable changing the battery yourself, you can always call 1-800-262-4671 for technical support or for a Return Authorization number to ship your unit back to us, and we can inspect the system, as well as replace the battery for you.


We hope this helps you lengthen and strengthen the life of your battery. Long live your battery!


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