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The Sounds of Summer

Summer Activities

The first day of summer is June 21, which is nearly a month away! The weather will be warmer, the days longer, and the nights shorter, which means that it is time for outdoor activities.

Anchor Audio portable sound systems are the perfect solution to keep the party going in any environment. With durable, UV resistant enclosures, Anchor portable sound systems can stand the heat of the summer. Every Anchor sound system is completely portable, which means they are battery powered and can be easily transported.

Below are seven summer activities that are perfect for your Anchor Audio portable sound system:

  1. Summer means baseball season
    Whether it is a quick pick-up game, little league game, or a homerun derby, your Anchor Audio Portable Sound System is sure to be a home run at your next sporting event. Our systems are perfect for providing fun summer tunes and announcements during the game.

    Your Anchor Audio Portable Sound System is also perfect for beach volleyball, basketball, golf tournaments, tennis,
    track & field, frisbee golf, and more!

  2. School is out and summer camp is in!
    Every summer kids look forward to summer camp! A portable sound system is ideal for any camp that needs quality sound in various environments and activities – opening and closing ceremonies, group time, activity time, games, and lunch time.

    If you are looking for a camp, check out ACA’s Find a CampSM database here.

  3. Special events in your hometown
    From city hall meetings and street fairs to community based celebrations and parades, Anchor Audio portable sound systems are a great solution for your audio needs. For city hall meetings, we have portable lecterns that are versatile, impressive and elegant enough to command the attention of the audience. With Memorial Day weekend coming up followed by Independence Day in July, community celebrations will be kicking into high gear. A wireless, battery powered sound system is ideal because there are no cords or power source needed which allows you the freedom to move your portable sound system around. Don’t let your celebrations go without a great portable sound system!

  4. Races & Marathons
    Races and marathons have become a staple in many San Diegans lives. This trend holds true across the US and even stretches to fitness competitions such as body building and cross fit. Sound equipment is especially important for announcing the start of the event to the music during the event, and the awards at the end of the event. The introduction of portable sound systems throughout the event areas are essential in such large events.

    To find a local marathon, check out Active.com or check out the Rock n' Roll marathon series.

  5. Fairs & Rodeos
    Time for some in the sun! Summer has the best weather for fairs! Whether your fairs are large or small, a portable sound system provides an easy, portable set up that requires no cords. Like many cities in the US, fairs come in all shapes and sizes from the county fair to a small town fair. Anchor Audio has multiple solutions from the newly released Bigfoot Line Array to the Beacon Line Array and even the Liberty Platinum.

    The largest rodeo to stop in our hometown of San Diego is the PBR tour, the Professional Bull Riders. Rodeos are popular across the US, and Anchor Audio has portable sound systems that make setting up for these events and competitions quick and easy. Most importantly, our portable sound systems really pack a punch that is loud enough to be heard throughout the rodeo.

  6. Weddings
    Summer also means that it is wedding season. The rental market will see and uptick in rentals during this time as more and more happy couples tie the knot. During these warm months, many outdoor weddings will demand an easy to use portable sound system to keep the mood light and the crowd up on their feet dancing the day or night away! Whether the event be indoor or outdoor, a loud, reliable, and portable audio solution is must have at any wedding.

  7. Gear Up for the New School Year
    Summer is here, which means that school is out! Time to rest, rejuvenate, and gear up for the new school year. Summer is a great time to be prepared for the coming Fall when all of the children return. Is it a perfect time to reflect on the previous school year and assess what audio solutions you already have and what audio solutions need to be upgraded and/or purchased. Do you need new speaker monitors? How about a portable sound system for the gym, auditorium, or sports fields? When is the last time you upgraded your lectern? Is it time to start looking for a new lectern that is versatile, portable, and durable? No matter what way you spend your summer, it is always a great time to start preparing another successful school year.

With our 30-day demo program, you can try Anchor Audio for yourself before purchasing a portable sound system. Made in the USA, Anchor Audio products are backed by an industry leading six year warranty and has same day shipping which means that you get your product fast! No back orders!

Please call or email us! We are happy to help you find the right Anchor Audio product for your audio needs!