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Go Getter Reviews


"The flag football and cheerleading teams LOVE the Anchor audio system. Its working great! The soft cover has pockets on both sides, which can each store a mic and cord with room to spare. Aside from the speaker in the case, we have a bag that holds a speaker stand and a couple of mic stands and thats the whole system! One person can easily carry it all in a single trip. The GoGetter has a nice grippy grab handle and there is a flap that lets you access the carry handle with the cover in place. Its perfect."




"The Go Getter speaker system has allowed our program to better meet the cultural needs of our diverse community here at within our program and across our school. We've used it for everything from sharing important information with large gatherings, to enabling students to play music while learning and celebrating dances from their home cultures.  It's portable size makes it very convenient and easy to grab and go all over our campus.  it's been an invaluable asset that has allowed us to expand access and the effectiveness of our programming."

Colleen Gifford

Systems Information Manager




"The [Go Getter] sound system arrived today and it is wonderful! High marks to whoever designed this system. We set it up this morning and it is super easy to use and sounds great! It is going to be a great addition to Girl Scouts. Very useful at events and programs and lots of uses at our summer camps. We had our Celebration at Camps Singing Hills this weekend. Lots of fun! The Anchor sound system was wonderful. We used it for general announcements, speakers and a troop / girl skit!"

Sue Perles, CEO

Girl Scouts of Alaska



“I am a certified USATF Track Starter. I just purchased the Go Getter Basic Package. First the price was right. I was looking for quality at a decent price, and the ability to expand (buy a slave speaker) in the future. Both came with the Go Getter. But the neatest thing was the MP3/USB Player that you included. At first I did not think much of it. But, there is a lot of dead time during a track meet, for example during the 3000 meter run for example…What a great idea to play some tunes to fill in some of the time. And the quality of the speaker is magnificent. It took only about an hour to fully charge the battery, and I am ready to go. So far I am very pleased!"

USATF Track Starter



"I have used the new Go-Getter system a couple of times since it arrived. We use rented halls, typically a Grange hall, or Elks club, and set up about 125-130 chairs. we use a wired dynamic mic for our ministers and the installed wireless receiver and hand held mic for someone to lead the hymns, and they are seated in the audience one third to halfway back. The system has worked well and the wireless mic is very clear, we have not had any problems with interference on the channel or feedback. I think for our present size group the system is adequate without a companion speaker, but I'll wait to see if we have any comments otherwise. I like the size and the simplicity of the system, and the fact that if I am gone I can have someone else do the set up and adjusting of the system who doesn't have any PA background, and it will fit fairly easily in their vehicle even with the kids or other passengers."

Roy Farkas



"I own an event rental a business in NC. In February, I attended the ARA show in Orlando and saw the Go Getter System. I walked by it everyday, stopped to ask questions about the unit everyday. The last day of the show I broke down and bought the Go Getter to add to my rental inventory. This was my first Speaker System for my rental company and I have not been disappointed! The system is lightweight, all of my customers have loved the fact that it is battery operated. They love that the microphone and all functions are controlled by the one speaker. All of my customers have raved about the superb sound the system has and the ease of use. I highly recommend the Go Getter to add to your rental inventory or for your personal venue. You will NOT be disappointed in the sound or the features this unit offers."

Steven Bishop

Hendersonville Tents, Hendersonville NC



"I’ve been performing for over 25 years and the Go Getter sound system has been a blessing. It has made my set up time (no wires) quick and breakdown time (again no wires) even quicker. The sound is phenomenal and music I play through the CD Player or Bluetooth iphone combo is phenomenal. I’ve been using the system for about 2 or 3 months and it’s been a home run.. Thanks again. On a scale of 1 to 10, your product is an eleven.”

Tom Durnin