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Bluetooth Speakers: Anchor Audio Bluetooth to become a standard feature in select models

Jul 18, 2014


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Anchor Audio Bluetooth

Anchor Audio releases Standard Bluetooth in all Portable Sound Systems 

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Anchor Audio, Inc., has announced their newest release –Bluetooth as a standard feature in their Portable Sound Systems and Portable Public Address Systems. InfoComm 2014 marked the official debut of the Bluetooth enabled products.

Starting August 1st, 2014, Anchor Audio began offering Bluetooth as a standard feature in the Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox systems, at no additional cost. Even the base model has the Bluetooth functionality, free to the customer.

“We are very excited to include standard Bluetooth in all of our sound systems, it’s nice to raise the bar for our customers,” said Emily Golding, director of marketing with Anchor Audio.

This new release is in line with Anchor’s philosophy to offer the most utility, value, and quality products within the battery-powered PA industry. Bluetooth is ideal for anyone using a portable PA, because it increases simplicity and expands possibilities. Connecting mobile devices is simple – after the first connection, the system will remember the device, and will auto-connect. The Bluetooth module has a crystal clear connection, offers a range of 100 feet (line of sight), and is easy to use.

“The 100 foot range is actually quite incredible, considering the industry standard is only about 30 feet,” said David Jacobs, Anchor Audio’s chairman of the board.

Anchor’s notable engineering team designed the Bluetooth module with a class 1 radio, which is the highest powered, and most sensitive class of Bluetooth radio available, and allows for the superior connection. As a company that is always innovating, Anchor Audio is excited about offering Bluetooth as a no-cost standard to customers and views the technology as a true advancement in the portable sound system and portable PA industry.


About Anchor Audio, Inc. 

Anchor Audio, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of portable sound systems, public address systems, wired and wireless intercoms, and lectern systems. Established in 1975, Anchor Audio made the first portable sound system in a small building in Torrance, California. Almost forty years later and in a much larger factory in Carlsbad, California, production includes more than 20 models with various options for every type of market. Anchor supplies products to sectors including education, commercial, hospitality, government, and military. For more information about Anchor Audio products, contact Anchor Audio at 800.262.4671, via email at sales@anchoraudio.com, or visit www.anchoraudio.com.

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Bluetooth built into Anchor Audio portable sound systems and portable PA systems brings unlimited possibilities with the growing amount of Bluetooth enabled devices and applications. 

For a complete list of features, check out the Anchor Audio Bluetooth Page and the Technical Specifications Sheet.



Bluetooth was a huge success at InfoComm 2014. It was also a topic in our Mechanical Design Engineer’s interview with rAVe publications, which you can listen to here.

For those who prefer a video interview, Anchor Audio’s Director of Marketing, Emily Golding, sat down with rAVe publications in this video interview.


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