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Anchor Audio products are headed off to College!

May 22, 2014

Anchor Audio is proud to create sound systems that help to educate people around the world. From our AN-Series speaker monitors, to our portable lecterns, to the one of a kind Beacon, Anchor systems can be found in a variety of educational institutions. These systems offer the sought after principle features of intelligibility, reliability, and simplicity to educators all the way from preschool to graduate schools.

The product that really put Anchor Audio on everyone’s wish list, the Liberty Platinum, redefined the professional portable sound system. It’s self-contained batteries, wireless receivers, amplifier, and speakers, took all the great feature of a full scale installed system, and bottled them up into a singular tough ABS plastic enclosure. The Liberty is a favorite on many campuses, including Gonzaga University. Program assistant at Gonzaga, Jewel Gurule exclaimed to us, “I love the freedom to use this unit anywhere! The sound is great; we use the speakers during all of our events on the student union steps. We use a variety of media and they all work well. I wanted you to know we are very satisfied with our system.”

The Liberty sound system set a high bar for the rest of our products, and we believe that led us to create the unique Beacon Line Array sound system. With everything we learned from years of perfecting portable sound systems, the engineers at Anchor designed a truly unmatched system. The Anchor Audio Beacon is the only battery powered, portable line array on the market. Nicoli, with the UC Riverside Performing Arts Center recently tested the Beacon. He told us that his staff, “really liked its [the Beacon’s] versatility and how flexible it was, and all the additional accessories and configurations we get. We’re definitely excited about what we can potentially use this for.”

In addition to performing arts centers and union steps, Anchor products can also be found on the sports field. Extracurricular activities add variety and depth to student life. Anchor Audio adds variety to our product line, with our portable Public Address systems. The MegaVox is a powerful horn driven portable system that can project sound across great distances. In the case of UCLA Bruin Marching Band Director Gordon Henderson, the MegaVox is relied upon to project his metronome and instruction. He told us, “The Solid Gold Sound of the UCLA Bruin Marching Band depends on Anchor Audio's amazing speakers for all of our rehearsals. We've used them outdoors even in freezing weather and rain. No other speaker system has been as reliable or had such a quality sound.”

Student events, performing arts, and sports are all important, but we can’t forget about the classroom. Anchor products are designed to produce clear intelligible sound that is optimized for speech reinforcement. The AN-series speaker monitors are at home in small to medium sized classrooms. Place them on a media cart, our portable speaker stand, or mount them to any surface. Georgia State University recently wrote to us, “We have used the AN-100W for the past ten years; it has worked out excellent for us. We wanted to upgrade to the AN-130U1+ speakers; we use the AN-series to give presentations to crowds around 100 people in individual classrooms. We love our new AN-130U1+s!”

Anchor Audio products cater to a vast number of customers, and we’re proud to produce sound systems for a variety of applications; including the many colleges and universities that utilize our products to enhance student life.