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Anchor Audio Professional Trade Show Infotainer Video Testimonial

Trade Show Infotainer


"My name is Anders, and I’m a professional trade show infotainer. What that means is that companies hire me to put big crowds of people around their trade show booths and engage that group of people in their message to market. It’s important for me to be heard, and what I’ve done for years.

The first system I bought was the Anchor MiniVox with the wireless mic and earset. I’ve used it at so many shows, and it’s been so helpful. This thing can play 100+ people. Now at the bigger shows, I always bring this as a backup because it’s so light, so portable, and so nice. I’m able to have peace of mind knowing that this is reliable, so if anything goes wrong, I have my Minivox to back me up.

When I’m actually working with the bigger sound systems, I’m using an Anchor wireless receiver and Anchor body packs, and I’ve never had any issues. I had a mic with a loose wire, and I had that repaired. I sent it away, and Anchor was so good because they fixed it and sent it right back - no issues.

I highly recommend Anchor products, and I take them every time I work."

Anders Boulanger