On Deck

with Anchor Audio

Williams Utilizes Anchor Audio Assistive Listening Devices for Factory Tours


Dear: Anchor Audio

This is our letter of appreciation and product review for helping us and giving us such great product support, help and product ease of use and confidence.

The product we writing in review is our purchase of your Assisted Listening Tour Package. We purchased this unit with the standard 1 Lead and 6 receivers.

Then due to ease and knowledge of the Sales/Technical department at Anchor Audio, we were able to add additional receivers. We ordered an additional 40 sets totaling 46 receivers and one lead speaker.

This was one of the great features of Anchor Audio we took note of when choosing Anchor Audio products as our choice. (Can add more up to 100) Wow, which will work great once we do larger tours of our Manufacturing Plant and Location.

Once we received our units unboxed and put in batteries (which were included), we were ready to go within minutes. So easy, it was great , Then, teaching others on how to use was also such a breeze. We used our units during our Conference/Tour and compared to our previous tours made it so fun and saved so much time. Our plant manager praised it and said helped out 1000% and helped in everyone being able to hear clearly and glide from question to answer without any interruption’s or repeats.

We hope you get the pictures we provided of our Tour/Conference and glad to have used and found you.

Thank you again and sincere thoughts from us here @