On Deck

with Anchor Audio

Cambridge Police Department is thankful to have MegaVox Pro for their firearms training!

"The Cambridge Police Department recently purchased your audio system for use at the range for our yearly firearms qualifications.

Prior to using your system, we would shout commands on the firing line, without the aid of amplification.  Although we do have access to a range tower with amplification, as lead instructors we choose to remain on the firing line with the shooters primarily for safety purposes.  After running 2 sessions a day, 4 days a week for a month, our voices would often become hoarse.

Using your system, the Megavox Pro, was helpful to us. 

It allowed us to remain on the firing line, and move about, using the wireless mic system.  The shooters on line were able to hear us clearly, especially at the end of the line. This eliminated the need to shout and repeat commands.

Also, no more hoarse throats!

Thank You.


Officer Stephen Kervick, Lead Firearms Instructor, Cambridge Police Dept.

Officer Paul Bentubo, Lead Firearms Instructor, Cambridge Police Dept."