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MiniVox Lite Testimonial from Storage Wars Television Personality

Our most recent testimonial comes from Walt Cade of Walt Cade Auctions. You can see him in action as an auctioneer on A&E's nationally televised show "Storage Wars: Texas".

Walt is a graduate of the renowned Texas Auction Academy, under the direction of International Champion and influential Mike Jones. Walt travels all over the Lone Star state to produce over 300 auctions a year! A fast talker, it's no wonder why Walt is on A&E's top-rated non-fiction series with his ability to sell up to 30 storage units in a single day. Here's what he had to say:

"When I need a sound system, I use my MiniVox Lite. I now have 3 of them. It seems that I'm called on all the time to do an auction and I like to keep 1 in my car ready to go!" - Walt Cade


Listen to what Walt Cade has to say about commanding the attention of your bidders with an Anchor Audio portable PA system:

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Here's a Bonus Video of Walt Cade in action: 


You can check him out on Facebook at Storage Wars Texas Walt Cade